A snow plow used by the Colorado Department of Transportation is equipped with V2X hardware, a technology that allows it to send vehicle data, such as its speed, and receive relevant traffic data, such as a spot weather warning alert. CDOT is equipping 100 vehicles and 100 objects on 90 miles of Interstate 70 with the V2X technology. In December, the agency was awarded a $20 million grant that will help extend the V2X program to 537 road miles around Colorado. (Provided by Colorado Department of Transportation)

Colorado’s internet of roads is a go. Soon cars will “talk” to signs and traffic signals

The plan to turn 537 miles of Colorado roads into a connected highway is not as futuristic as it sounds. With funding granted, work starts in 2019 to use technology to reduce number of wrecks, fatalities

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Colorado’s attorney general says sheriffs who won’t carry out a red flag bill court order “should resign”

A growing number of counties have declared themselves so-called “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” But does that mean commissioners want their sheriffs to disobey court-issued extreme risk protection orders?

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To catch sex traffickers and protect kids, Colorado is using a new screening tool statewide

Screening tool is part of a national effort to cut down on the pipeline from foster care to sex trafficking

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Donations to Colorado charities fell flat last year. Some blame federal-tax reform

While the dollar amount of giving is down by millions of dollars, the number of Colorado charities and individual giving is actually up