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Democrats plan to suspend Colorado’s new gas fee — until two months after the November election

Colorado Democrats want to delay implementation of a new 2-cent-per-gallon gas fee, but only until two months after the November election. House Bill 1351, the cornerstone of Gov. Jared Polis’ work this year to slash the cost of living in Colorado, would cost $28 million as the legislature backfills the lost revenue. The measure also […]

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Conservatives file lawsuit to invalidate Colorado’s new transportation fees. Here’s what it claims.

Colorado’s new transportation fees violate the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and several other state finance laws and should be invalidated, two conservative groups and Republican state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg claim in a long-promised lawsuit filed late Thursday in Denver. Senate Bill 260, passed by Democrats in the legislature last year, enacted a host of new […]

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Opinion: Punishing RTD hurts Colorado’s most potent weapon against climate change

Coloradans have many complaints about RTD — the Regional Transportation District that operates buses and light-rail across metro Denver. Some are valid, some are not. Despite all the issues, the real insanity is some of the solutions that people propose to “fix” this system. The two most popular ideas are balkanization and defunding. Balkanization is […]

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I-25 South Gap will open in mid-December, nearly a year ahead of schedule

All lanes of the Interstate 25 South Gap project will open nearly a year ahead of schedule, Gov. Jared Polis and Colorado transportation officials announced Monday. Construction on the 18-mile stretch of highway was slated to conclude in November 2022, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. “By mid-December, in time for Christmas, the I-25 […]

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Colorado takes its biggest step yet toward a Front Range passenger train system

Colorado on Wednesday took its most significant step yet toward building a Front Range passenger train system as Gov. Jared Polis signed into law a bill creating a special taxation district for the proposed rail line. Senate Bill 238 also forms a board tasked with getting the new train on track. The 17-member panel, six […]

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Here come the gas and delivery fees as Colorado’s governor signs $5 billion-plus transportation bill into law

FLOYD HILL — Shaded by an Interstate 70 bridge that has fueled steering-wheel-pounding rage for generations, Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed a transportation fee and spending bill that seeks to inject more than $5 billion into state road and transit projects over the next 11 years.  “Everybody knows we need to fix it,” Polis […]