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How Colorado startups attracted $6.8 billion in venture investments last year 

When 2-year-old Project Canary started out for a second round of funding, the startup was inundated by investors wanting to get in on the Denver company’s potential growth. CEO Chris Romer credits the $111 million funding tsunami to the convergence of four massive waves.  First, its core business helps oil and gas companies better collect […]

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Colorado’s internet of roads is a go. Soon cars will “talk” to signs and traffic signals

A plan to turn a portion of Interstate 70 into a roadway where cars communicate with street lights, signs and other internet-connected things just tripled to more than 500 miles. Colorado’s “internet of roads” project will now extend to highways that reach from Pueblo to Wyoming, and Sterling to Utah, after the state Department of […]

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Denver’s tech ecosystem is a work in progress as companies come and grow — and others get sold

The Colorado tech community cheered when email service SendGrid had its initial public offering in November. Finally, a home-grown business was moving to the level that so many startups aspire to. Less than a year later, SendGrid last week said it was being acquired for $2 billion in stock by Twilio, a firm that does […]