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Opinion: The West’s sickly, bloated forests are full of carbon, ready to burn

Restoring them to health will require collaboration at all levels of public and private management

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Black Mountain fire, burning in Grand County, prompts pre-evacuation notices

The wildfire, now at 170 acres, was sparked Sunday afternoon.


Gaps in U.S. wildfire smoke warning network leave many exposed

Government programs to alert the public when smoke pollution becomes unhealthy rely on about 950 permanent monitoring stations and dozens of mobile units that can be deployed around major fires


Smoke from faraway wildfires may be worse for Coloradans than if it came from blazes in their own backyards

Some initial studies have shown that long-range smoke may be more toxic and since one of its characteristics is that its smoky smell disappears, it is sneakier.


Carman: Apocalypse now — Washington keeps dithering while the West suffocates

We need to turn up the heat on corporate America and finally put an end to our feckless political leadership

Opinion Columns

Hanging Lake indefinitely closed after mudslides, with trails needing major rebuild

Glenwood Canyon mudslides left the renowned lake and waterfall intact, but access is impossible. Officials are canceling 15,000 reservations for the rest of the year.


Wildfire smoke triggers more pollution alerts in Colorado, U.S. West

Wildfires emit huge volumes of microscopic smoke particles that researchers say can be harmful if breathed in


Wildfire smoke drives people in low-vaccinated areas indoors, raising outbreak fears

Smoke and unrelenting heat have driven people to seek refuge at libraries, movie theaters, museums and other indoor venues


Pritchett: In the wake of megafires, forest restoration also nurtures our souls

Volunteerism can help heal nature, but physical work reminiscent of the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps has the power to heal the individual as well


The West is baking, burning and drying out. These numbers explain why and how.

"It is a story of cascading impacts," climate scientist John Abatzoglou said, as the West weathers "an epically dry year followed by incredible heat the last two months and now we have fires."


Fuel shortage could ground firefighting aircrafts in the West during a potentially ferocious wildfire season


Drier springs bring hotter summers in the withering Southwest

New research reveals a positive feedback loop with negative consequences linked to lower springtime humidity across an already parched landscape


“Fireworks right now are a terrible idea”: Drought woes in the dry West stoke July 4 fire fears

People setting off fireworks at home is a concern because of both the tinder-box conditions ripe for starting wildfires and the threat of injuries.


Opinion: 150 fire scientists urge the U.S. West to skip the fireworks this record-dry 4th of July

With the combination of extreme drought, heat and dry vegetation, all it takes is a spark to ignite a wildfire.


U.S. seeks to bolster firefighter ranks by boosting pay and benefits as wildfires increase

Officials at National Interagency Fire Center on Tuesday raised the national wildfire preparedness level to 4 on a 1-5 scale, the second earliest dating back to 1990.

Politics and Government

Colorado prison inmates fight wildfires while they’re serving time, but can’t get hired when they get out

A new law signed by Gov. Jared Polis is intended to help former prison inmates who worked on fire crews get jobs in the fire service after release.


Northwest Colorado under “extremely critical” fire warning for first time in 15 years as Western Slope drought worsens

About 45% of Colorado, all west of the Continental Divide, now in some state of drought


Grim western fire season starts much drier than 2020’s record year

A climate change-fueled megadrought of more than 20 years is making conditions that lead to fire even more dangerous


Colorado-based Global SuperTanker firefighting plane may be sold to assist COVID-19 response

Domestically, the SuperTanker has been used mostly in California and in Oregon in 2018


Colorado is expecting another explosive wildfire year, but the state may be more prepared this time

The state’s Wildfire Preparedness Plan, released Thursday, notes that even as 2021 is shaping up to repeat the chaos of last year, agencies are collaborating more and have better support.

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