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Opinion: Removing trees from Colorado forests will not prevent wildfires from burning

The large wildfires we have experienced in Colorado and across the West threaten our homes while risking — and all too often, taking — the lives of residents and firefighters. Scientists studying the phenomenon know these big fires are the result of high temperatures and drought exacerbated by climate change and coinciding with high winds.  […]

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“An incredible frustration”: Boulder County fire officials have long sought better wildfire escape routes

Fire chief Michael Schmitt is bumping down an unpaved road west of Boulder, barely wide enough for his SUV. He’s headed toward the dead end of County Road 83, where — behind a metal gate, behind tree trunks blackened in the Fourmile Canyon fire — a narrow dirt road is cut into the mountainside.   If […]

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State Reps. Holtorf, Pelton, Will and Catlin: The Republican plan for wildfire relief

In January, the Marshall fire swept through Boulder County destroying more than 1,000 homes and displacing the lives of thousands of Coloradans. While this disaster brought national attention to the threat of wildfires destroying homes, property, and lives, the people of Colorado are not strangers to the hazards of uncontrolled fires. For years, rural Coloradans […]

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Opinion: Federal investments in science are needed to reduce wildfire

It used to be that October marked the end of wildfire season, and the most destructive fires occurred in or around forested areas. But increasingly, more Americans experience the impacts of wildfires year-round.  In 2021, nearly 50,000 wildfires were reported, which burned over  seven million acres of land. And as we saw with the Marshall […]

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Opinion: The fight against wildfire must include fire-resistant houses

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew slammed into South Florida, killing 40 people and destroying more than 25,000 homes in Miami-Dade County. Inspections after the storm revealed that houses had been poorly designed and haphazardly built, unable to withstand the storm’s 174-mph winds. This inability to withstand strong winds came from a lax building code that was […]