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Littwin: In the name of “freedom,” America ranks 40th in the world for those fully vaccinated. Seriously.

I’m afraid it must be said again. It’s getting harder and harder to continue to claim that we are a serious nation. As the delta variant wreaks havoc around the globe, the United States has slipped to 40th in the world in the percentage of the population fully vaccinated, and that’s despite having more doses […]

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Wilson: The Hancock vaccine mandate might be legal, but that doesn’t make it right

As a Denverite, I’ve slapped my head in embarrassment more than once watching Mayor Michael Hancock make moral blunders, legal and personal.  Hancock’s mandate for all city employees to vaccinate may look civically responsible on the surface, but there are some very real legal, social and political vulnerabilities he opens himself and Democrats up to. […]

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Littwin: At this point, it doesn’t matter who is to blame for our still-low vaccination rates. It matters what we do about it.

I’m told that people like me should be sympathetic to those tens of millions of Americans who haven’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus, even as new cases and hospitalizations and deaths are climbing again, thanks to the highly contagious delta variant. Let me say I’m trying. God knows, I’m trying. I’m trying even as CDC […]