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What’s Working: Colorado employers say there’s still a labor shortage even as more jobs are filled

Colorado employers may be facing some of the highest inflation in decades, not to mention talk of recession (no, one hasn’t been officially announced). But one thing that may be finally easing up is attracting enough workers. It’s still bad, just not as bad as it was a year ago, said Curtis Englehart, executive director […]

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SunLit Interview: In the tale of a union trailblazer, Jane Little Botkin found a story that still resonates

Jane Little Botkin turned to historical investigation and writing upon her 2008 retirement from teaching.  Now she melds personal narratives of American families with compelling stories of women, labor radicals, miners, lawmen, and outlaws in settings rich with the history of the West. Though a Texas native, her family’s roots are entwined with Colorado’s mining camps. She is […]

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Denver’s Convergence Station could be the second Meow Wolf location to unionize

More than half the people working at Convergence Station in Denver say they want to join the Meow Wolf Workers Collective and create a union bargaining unit for the massive immersive art installation. The workers of Meow Wolf Convergence Station announced their intention to join the Communications Workers of America on Tuesday, declaring “the age […]

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Two King Soopers workers file unfair labor charge against union after getting fined for crossing the picket line

Two King Soopers employees who crossed the picket lines as union grocery employees went on strike in January for better wages — and were then fined by the union — filed an unfair labor charge against the union on Monday. According to the complaint, the union fined Nick Hall $812 and Marcelo Ruybal $3,799. In […]