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U.S. House
U.S. House

Poll indicates it’s very tight race between Barbara Kirkmeyer, Yadira Caraveo in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District

The poll, conducted on behalf of Democratic state Rep. Yadira Caraveo’s campaign, shows Caraveo down 2 percentage points to Republican state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer

Election 2022

Littwin: If you watched the latest House hearing, you know John Eastman is a villain of the piece

The hearing was so bad for Eastman that Heidi Ganahl, who had studiously avoided saying much about the 2020 election, finally had to say something.

Opinion Columns

Permanent daylight saving time is a dumb idea, a CU sleep expert says

Extra-dark winter mornings could mess with our circadian rhythms. But if you have to pick one, standard time is the way to go.


Brittany Pettersen is running for the Colorado congressional seat being vacated by Ed Perlmutter

Pettersen is a Democratic state senator from Lakewood who has spent nearly a decade in the Colorado legislature. “I’m battle tested,” she said. “I have what it takes to win this seat.”

Politics and Government

House passes bill to combat Islamophobia in response to Lauren Boebert’s comments

The bill would create a special envoy position at the State Department to monitor and combat Islamophobia worldwide. It is unlikely to advance in the Senate.

Politics and Government

Progressive Democrats pressure Nancy Pelosi to discipline Lauren Boebert

The four Democratic members of Colorado's U.S. House delegation have not called for Boebert to be censured or lose her committee posts

Politics and Government

Turning outrage into power: How far right lawmakers like Lauren Boebert are changing the GOP

Success in Congress, once measured by bills passed and constituents reached, is now gauged in many ways by the ability to attract attention

Politics and Government

Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer launches campaign for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District seat

The former Weld County commissioner and current state senator says she plans to unveil a “renew America” plan in the coming months that will be the cornerstone of her bid

Politics and Government

Colorado Supreme Court approves new congressional map drawn by redistricting commission

The court rejected arguments from Democratic and Latino advocacy groups that the map should be sent back to the commission to be changed because of voting rights issues

Politics and Government

8 takeaways from Colorado’s new congressional map

The proposal still needs to be approved by the Colorado Supreme Court, but we took a look at how it would affect the state’s political makeup

Politics and Government

Here is the new congressional map headed to the Colorado Supreme Court for final approval

The proposal was approved by Colorado's Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission by an 11-1 vote just before midnight after seven rounds of voting

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The latest draft of Colorado’s congressional map could become the final version. Here’s where the districts would be.

A supermajority of commissioners must agree on a final map by Sept. 28, or the draft released Thursday will be one step closer to being final

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More big changes in latest Colorado congressional map, which avoids pitting House members against each other

A sweeping, L-shaped district would cover most of the Western Slope and southern Colorado, while ski areas would merge with Boulder and Larimer in the 2nd District

Politics and Government

3 reasons the latest draft of Colorado’s congressional map may spell trouble for Lauren Boebert

The proposed 2nd District would be home to Boebert and Democrat Joe Neguse and include liberal-leaning Boulder, Broomfield and Larimer counties

Politics and Government

The first established politician has jumped into the race for Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District

State Rep. Yadira Caraveo, a Thornton Democrat and pediatrician, announced her bid despite the new district’s boundaries still being unclear

Politics and Government

CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA. Here’s why Colorado companies are pushing for that to (quickly) change.

Colorado is at the center of the nation’s cannabidiol boom, producing much of the nation’s hemp and serving as home to many CBD sellers


Michael Bennet believes the child tax credit expansion will be made permanent. But he’s not sure how long it will take.

The Colorado Democrat said during a Colorado Sun event that he’s still not sure for how long the expansion would be extended under Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill

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“We’re (expletive) idiots”: Some Democrats regret Colorado’s new redistricting process now that their party is in charge

If Y and Z hadn’t passed, Democrats would now have nearly unfettered power to draw new congressional districts ahead of the 2022 election, and more say over how legislative districts are drawn.

Politics and Government

Colorado’s congressional, legislative redistricting ramps up this summer. Here’s what you need to know to get involved.

Preliminary maps will be completed this month, followed by a statewide listening tour to gather input about the proposals and the process

Politics and Government

Lauren Boebert is known for her far-right Republican views. But Republicans alone didn’t send her to Congress.

Unaffiliated voters on Colorado’s Front Range often vote for Democrats. But in rural parts of the state, like the 3rd Congressional District, where they make up the largest voting bloc, that’s not the case.

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