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Littwin: A thought experiment — what if Trump had called for $2,000 stimulus checks before the election?

It’s now left to Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP to determine whether the House-passed $2,000 check proposal gets a Senate vote. Anyone heard from Cory Gardner on this?

Colorado lawmakers reconvene to consider stimulus plan, but experts question the cost to the state

Gov. Jared Polis put forward a $1.3 billion stimulus plan and called a special legislative session to take the steps to help unemployed and businesses

Colorado governor says his $1.3 billion stimulus plan would create up to 15,000 jobs, but questions abound

Lawmakers are open to a stimulus, though skeptical because the economic package amounts to deficit spending. Gov. Jared Polis says it's worth the investment.

In lieu of federal action, Colorado will send one-time $375 stimulus payments to 435,000 people

In all, more than $163 million is expected to be distributed by the state. The move comes after Gov. Jared Polis issued mandatory unpaid furloughs for most state employees to save $8 million.