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Colorado Democrats formally introduce their transportation-fee bill with Republican, business community support

Colorado Democrats formally rolled out their massive transportation fee-implementation and spending bill on Tuesday with support from top business leaders and two Republicans, saying 2021 is the year to finally tackle the holy grail that is the state’s long standing infrastructure deficit.  “This is the year we will make it happen,” Senate Majority Leader Steve […]

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What the heck is going on with Colorado Democrats’ public health insurance option bill?

Democratic state lawmakers aiming to drive down health care costs are planning to move forward this week with legislation to potentially create a public health insurance option after roughly a month of still-unresolved negotiations with hospitals, doctors and others in the medical sector.  But they’re still not sure exactly what their policy will look like.  […]

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Littwin: More gun-violence bills are on the way in Colorado’s legislature. Imagine if we could say the same for Congress.

Give credit to Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and others in the state legislature who, in the wake of the Boulder King Soopers shooting, are trying to actually do something about gun violence. Doing something is critical, even if it’s not enough. Don’t blame the state legislature for that, though. Doing something as a state […]

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Here’s the gun legislation Colorado Democrats are pursuing in response to the Boulder King Soopers shooting

A bill that would temporarily prohibit people convicted of a violent misdemeanor from purchasing a firearm in Colorado will likely be part of a package of gun legislation Democratic state lawmakers are preparing to introduce in response to the deadly shooting last month at a Boulder King Soopers. The package is also slated to include […]

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7 states have an assault weapons ban. Colorado is not among them — at least not yet.

The massacre Monday at a King Soopers in Boulder has renewed state and national conversations about gun-control policies, particularly around potential legislation banning assault weapons.   It appears highly unlikely, however, that Democrats in Congress will have enough votes to pass a bill prohibiting assault weapons, even if it has the support of President Joe Biden.  […]

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Millions more for Colorado K-12 schools? Lawmakers seek court opinion first.

Democratic lawmakers are asking the Colorado Supreme Court to decide whether a proposed tax change that could generate millions for K-12 education is constitutional. Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights typically requires voter approval for tax increases. This proposal would gradually increase local school district property taxes without a vote under the premise that voters a […]

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Colorado’s congressional, legislative redistricting commissions may start work with old population data

Now that the 12 members of Colorado’s independent legislative and congressional redistricting commissions have been selected, attention is quickly turning toward what to do about the fact the panels won’t have the U.S. Census Bureau data they need to draw new maps until Sept. 30. Gov. Jared Polis, the Democratic and Republican leaders of the Colorado General […]

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Here are the new gas and road-usage fees behind Colorado Democrats’ $4 billion transportation plan

Colorado drivers would begin paying a new fee of 2 cents on every gallon of gas they purchase starting in July 2022 under legislation Democratic state lawmakers are expected to introduce in the coming weeks. That fee, which would not require voter approval, would increase to 8 cents per gallon starting in July 2028 under […]

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Colorado lawmakers, governor unveil $700M state economic stimulus plan. Here’s where the money will go.

Top Democratic and Republican state lawmakers on Wednesday joined Gov. Jared Polis to unveil the broad strokes of a roughly $700 million state economic stimulus plan, most of which is set to go to “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects, including repairs to the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels and Interstate 70 bridges The shovel-ready projects will total $170 million, […]

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Indigenous students say they need more from Colorado universities. An in-state tuition bill is a first step.

By Jason Gonzales, Chalkbeat Colorado Indigenous students with historical ties to Colorado could soon get in-state tuition at public colleges under a proposal that recently cleared its first legislative hurdle.  Student advocates say the bill is part of a broader push on how Colorado schools need to address injustice against Indigenous people and ensure all […]