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Colorado legislature figures out how to reinstate extended unemployment benefits that just ended

As a special unemployment benefit ended abruptly over the weekend, the state legislature this week took a stab at bringing it back. The problem was the expiration of the extra 13 weeks of State Extended Benefits, which turn on when the jobless rate goes over 5% and turn off when it falls below 5%. The […]

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Colorado lawmakers water down requirement that counties comply with coronavirus restrictions to get aid

Colorado’s three-day special legislative session finished Wednesday with lawmakers watering down one of the most contentious parts of their $200 million-plus package aimed at providing economic relief during the coronavirus crisis.  The Democratic-led General Assembly initially excluded businesses from being eligible for direct government aid if they were located in counties that refused to comply […]

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Colorado lawmakers reconvene to consider stimulus plan, but experts question the cost to the state

The unemployment checks for Englewood resident Dana John and her husband ended in July, and the $1,200 federal stimulus money is long gone.  One small hope on the horizon is the $375 check Colorado is sending as a stimulus to lower-income unemployed workers. It’s not much, but John said it’s much needed. “I don’t know […]

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Will Colorado’s special legislative session save restaurants? “Probably not,” industry leader says.

Beast and Bottle’s owners know they could never sell enough take-out chicken pot pies to reap the full benefit of a new sales tax relief proposal that Colorado lawmakers are serving up for next week’s special legislative session.  Under the coronavirus relief plan crafted by Democrats, restaurant owners would get to keep up to $2,000 […]