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Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado to strengthen plan to protect views at Rocky Mountain National Park, sidestepping Sierra Club lawsuit

Required update to cutting air pollution at national parks is late, but environmental groups say they have won some victories in the revisions.


Eldorado Canyon may become Colorado’s first state park with timed entry

Parks & Wildlife Commission decides this week on an online ticketing system on summer weekends to handle visitorship that shot to 540,000 last year. Other state parks are under serious strain.


Watch where you aim: Urine is hurting Colorado’s high country lakes

Researchers use some human insight -- and some cultural markers -- to find out where all the yuck is coming from in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bottom line: Coloradans are peeing where they shouldn’t.


Pritchett: As it finally arrives, I’ve written a love letter to snow

In spite of delayed winter weather in Colorado, it's never a bad time to count the ways -- here are 10 -- that we appreciate the arrival of the white stuff


Rocky Mountain National Park ranger injured in shootout near Fall River entrance

A person in a car involved in a law enforcement pursuit earlier in the day also was shot. A second person in the car was uninjured and is in police custody

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Suncor must make pollution cuts to meet new haze rules protecting Colorado park views

Environmental groups push for slashing air pollutants from the biggest smokestacks for EPA “regional haze” update, end up winning some, losing some.


Plastic hippos are out. Colorado playgrounds are getting a more natural makeover.

Parks departments along the Front Range are working with the land to create spaces that the next generation will actually use.


Remains found in Rocky Mountain National Park are thought to be German hiker missing since 1983

Rudi Moder, an experienced winter mountaineer who was living in Fort Collins, started his excursion over Thunder Pass and into the park Feb. 13, 1983. His roommate reported him overdue Feb. 19, 1983.


Pritchett: In praise of Colorado and grizzly bears and especially Enos Mills

As hibernation approaches, I share with the famed naturalist and father of Rocky Mountain National Park an obsession with the grizzlies no longer here

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Grand Lake, still reeling from East Troublesome fire, is being shaken again by mayoral recall over housing

Mayor Steve Kudron is the target of a recall election fueled by concerns over housing and keeping the mountain town’s character intact.


Boulder police officer dies after 200-foot fall in Rocky Mountain National Park

Ashley Haarmann took a tumbling fall west of Martha's Couloir. A helicopter being used to fight a wildfire near Steamboat Springs aided in the search for her body.


Remains found in Rocky Mountains identified as Colorado man missing since February

Josh Hall, 27, of Arvada, set out with his dog Feb. 3 in the mountains west of Boulder. His family reported him missing when he didn't return that day.


20 years of planning saved Rocky Mountain National Park from the worst of the East Troublesome fire. It will take 20 more to fix the damage.

“We’ve been fighting this fire for 20 years,” Rocky Mountain National Park's fire manager says. The work kept two of the largest Colorado wildfires on record from laying waste to the third busiest park in the national system.


Opinion: Rocky Mountain has it. Here’s why more national parks need a reservation system to get in.

The parks’ unrelenting popularity is making it impossible to preserve them “unimpaired.” Crowd control has become essential in the most popular parks.

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Opinion: Climate change is making Rocky Mountain forests more flammable now than at any time in the past 2,000 years

The records of past fires preserved in the sediment of 20 lakes in the central Rocky Mountains showed that areas that used to burn once every 230 years now can be expected to burn every 117 years.


Loveland man dies after ski crash at Rocky Mountain National Park

The man was skiing on a north-facing trail on Sundance Mountain between Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road when he fell 400 to 500 feet


Why Rocky Mountain National Park’s new online reservation system is only a short-term fix

Attendance has soared by 1.5 million since 2012, leading the park to introduce temporary measures to manage visitors


Northern Colorado has its own backcountry ski patrollers. And they’re busier than ever.

Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol celebrates 30 years negotiating complicated terrain, boundaries and avalanche risk near Cameron Pass


Climate change ravaged Colorado and the West with heat and drought in 2020. This year may be worse.

Coloradans also can look out their windows and see the “snow drought” forecasters are talking about when they say snow cover in the West is the worst it has been at any time in the last two decades.


Opinion: A mountain-town view of why Biden’s oil and gas moratorium is good news for Colorado

The long-term future of oil and gas is looking a lot more bust than boom. Colorado would be wise to not be left holding the bag.

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