Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

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Recent mass shootings have renewed debate about universal background checks. Here’s how they’ve worked in Colorado.

President Donald Trump has floated the idea of seeking expanded background checks on the federal level and also for legislation on so-called red flag laws, which Colorado recently enacted

Nicolais: Will political purity tests catch up to Colorado Democrats?

Democrats have already begun to show the same type of intra-party strife that cost Republicans their political power in the state


Nicolais: Colorado Republicans must move from “r-e-c-a-l-l” to “r-e-b-u-i-l-d”

Multiple failed recall bids have exposed the Republican Party’s lack of influence and strength in Colorado

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Republicans, anti-gun control group sue to toss Colorado’s red flag gun law citing broken legislative procedure

The legal challenge is being led by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a group also advocating for recalls of Democratic lawmakers who backed the law