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MAP: At least 22 people have died on Colorado’s rivers and reservoirs this year amid fierce runoff

At least 22 people have died on Colorado’s streams, rivers and waterways amid this year’s fierce runoff season. Authorities and weather forecasters have been warning the public to use extra caution when traversing swollen waterways. Three people have died on the Arkansas River, making it the deadliest stretch of water in the state to date. […]

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Opinion: Colorado rivers and water security — worth the investment

Reports continue to flow into newspapers across Colorado about the record snowpack and stream flows we’re experiencing. We’re incredibly fortunate for this year’s wet weather, but we know that we can’t rely on unpredictable weather patterns to get us out of the drought, water shortages and low river flows we’ve experienced for most of the […]

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Colorado Springs’ downtown creek has long been viewed as a blight. Then one man started catching trout in it.

COLORADO SPRINGS — Past the homeless camps, plastic bottles filled with urine, funky smells and a coal-fired power plant, Alan Peak stepped into Fountain Creek and cast his fishing line into water so murky it gives transients on the nearby bank cause for concern. After a few wiggles in and out of the fast-moving stream […]

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Colorado’s snowpack delivered an epic ski season. Now it’s rafters’ turn — even if they’re a little nervous

Just for a moment, Ellen Southworth allows herself to dream. Maybe Colorado will enjoy a slow, gentle warm-up this summer, with cold nights and without heavy rainstorms, and the rivers will run like a fun water slide all season. But then, over the phone, you can almost see her eyes rolling. “Realistically, we will probably […]

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Colorado drought levels drop by half in a week; governor declares snowpack is “epic”

Widespread drought across Colorado has improved dramatically in recent weeks, buoyed by a string of strong snowstorms that pounded the entire state this month. The U.S. Drought Monitor reported on Thursday that there are no more extreme or exceptional drought conditions in the state, which plagued the Four Corners region after the dry 2018 winter […]

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“We all recognize we’re looking at a drier future”: Official declares Colorado River drought plan complete

By Felicia Fonseca,The Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Seven states that rely on a major waterway in the U.S. West have finished a yearslong effortto create a plan to protect the Colorado River amid a prolonged drought, the federal government declared Tuesday. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman commended Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, […]

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Arizona joins Colorado River drought plan just before federal deadline in effort to keep reservoirs from draining too low

By Jonathan J. Cooper, The Associated Press Arizona delivered one of the final puzzle pieces for a Colorado River drought plan, agreeing Thursday to join six other states and Mexico in voluntarily taking less water from the constrained river. The decision to join the drought plan, authorized by lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey, went right up to the edge of […]

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Arizona lawmakers under pressure to approve seven-state Colorado River drought plan before federal deadline

Years of drought planning between the seven Western states that rely on the overtaxed, climate-withered Colorado River comes down to Arizona lawmakers in the next two-and-half weeks. With a federal deadline of Jan. 31 for the states to forge a collaborative Drought Contingency Plan, Arizona remains the lone holdout. The plans for each of the […]