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Donor-conceived Coloradans would be able to learn their biological parent’s identity under new bill

Coloradans conceived with eggs or sperm donated after 2024 would be able to learn the identity of their biological parents when they turn 18 under a bipartisan bill advancing through the legislature.  The measure, Senate Bill 224, would be the first of its kind nationwide, advocates say. It would also require fertility clinics to take […]

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Colorado wants to help kids move past coronavirus learning challenges. But funding is a big hurdle.

Many Colorado students will end the school year academically behind, set back by pandemic-related disruptions. Lawmakers are hoping to help them regain ground with state-supported intensive tutoring. A bipartisan bill, House Bill 1234, proposes creating a program that would grant funds to districts to develop “high-impact” tutoring programs to help catch students up on their […]

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One in eight people struggle with infertility. Colorado lawmakers want insurance to cover treatment

When Tyler Wilson came home after his deployment in Afghanistan in 2005, he was paralyzed from the waist down. He had been shot four times and still had a bullet lodged in his spinal cord.  Ten years later, when he and his wife, Crystal, decided to start a family, they needed medical assistance. But insurance […]