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Opinion: Is your neighborhood raising your risk? Redlining set Denver communities up for more coronavirus danger

Vicente Arenas moved to the edge of Denver’s Valverde neighborhood, attracted by low housing prices and proximity to his downtown job just three miles away. The 1-square-mile neighborhood mixes small, ranch-style homes with auto body shops, metal fabricators and industrial supply warehouses, and is hemmed in on its four sides by state highways and interstates. […]

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Opinion: To become a truly anti-racist society, we must go beyond police reform

Racism is not a new problem. It is not an accident, either.   Our country’s forbears consciously wrote laws and policies to keep people of color from the rooms of power, to subjugate and oppress them, creating generations of suffering.   Building racial justice must be an equally active process.   Racial equity is more than an absence […]

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Decades after redlining, Denver schools see choice contributing to racial imbalance

In 1938, members of the Home Owner’s Loan Corporation drew lines on a paper map of Denver. These determined which city residents would be approved or denied mortgages based on the racial makeup of the neighborhoods in which they lived. Predominantly African-American and Latino areas faced discrimination, with their communities labeled with the lowest of […]