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red mountain pass

red mountain pass

Colorado plans to ramp up messaging after avalanches kill three experienced skiers in two days

How to reach experienced backcountry travelers is an age-old debate. Veterans can grow complacent, especially in areas where they ski often.

Durango’s ridiculed Bridge to Nowhere suddenly has clear road ahead

After a decade of delays and legal fights, the largest project in the history of that region of southwest Colorado will ease traffic and safety problems

Southern Colorado is learning a tough lesson: Too much snow is a headache for the summer economy

Trail openings around Silverton are delayed for weeks and one big trail run is cancelled. But operators are making up for lost revenue with avalanche tours.

Showers, catered meals, wine lists: Colorado’s newest backcountry ski huts are following Euro and Canadian model

This year’s avalanches and epic snow limited access to Red Mountain Pass huts during the season’s busiest month