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DSCC officially throws their weight behind Hickenlooper in U.S. Senate race, irking primary rivals

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Saturday formally threw its support in Colorado’s U.S. Senate primary to John Hickenlooper, a move sure to irk the large slate of his intraparty rivals and that likely signals significant financial support for the former governor.  “John Hickenlooper is far and away the strongest candidate to beat Cory Gardner, […]

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John Hickenlooper hasn’t announced a U.S. Senate bid yet, but he’s already reshaping the 2020 race

John Hickenlooper’s seemingly imminent entry into the U.S. Senate race in Colorado is prompting a behind-the-scenes chess match among Democrats. His potential rival in the Democratic primary, former state Sen. Mike Johnston, released an internal poll Tuesday showing that Hickenlooper isn’t the only candidate who can beat Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.  The poll is […]

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“This won’t be a coronation.” If Hickenlooper wants to be a U.S. senator, he needs to clear many hurdles

Fresh from a failed presidential candidacy, John Hickenlooper is eyeing a bid for U.S. Senate in Colorado — an alternative road to Washington with its own challenges that makes a political comeback less than certain. The former two-term governor would enter as the contest’s presumptive front-runner after leaving office earlier this year with favorable poll […]

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Nicolais: Could Hickenlooper clear the field as Cory Gardner did in 2014? Not likely.

Just under six years ago, then U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner entered the 2014 U.S. Senate race and cleared the GOP field. Now Colorado politicos wait expectantly to see if former Gov. John Hickenlooper will attempt the same feat on the Democratic side in the race to meet Gardner in 2020’s general election. Unfortunately for Hickenlooper, […]

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Democrats in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race split on Medicare for All, as Bennet warns it’s “one sure way” to lose

It’s a question splitting Democrats on the national stage and in Colorado’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race: Do you support government-run “Medicare for All” health insurance? The answer carries significant political stakes. Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is running for president and offering an alternative public option proposal, says a Democrat who supports Medicare […]

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A breakdown of the latest campaign cash reports shows big money — and big spending — in Colorado

A year and a half before the 2020 election, the money race continues to define the top-tier political contests in Colorado. The candidates — from president to Congress — are spending significant time raising money to show support and viability in what is expected to be a long and expensive campaign.  Here are five takeaways […]

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The crowded field of Colorado Democrats running for U.S. Senate pitches a message at their first forum: crisis

On Sunday evening in Denver’s sun-baked Barnum Park, the city skyline glimmering in the distance, people fired up grills, set up lawn chairs and settled in to hear nine of the Democrats running for U.S. Senate speak in the race’s first forum. But still the candidates brought gloom and doom. “The reality is, and I […]

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Alice Madden, former Democratic leader at Colorado Capitol, joins crowded primary to unseat Cory Gardner

Alice Madden, a former Democratic leader in the Colorado House and an unsuccessful 2016 candidate for University of Colorado regent, is jumping into the crowded primary race to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner. Madden is aiming to set herself apart from the rest of the field as the most well-known woman in the race […]