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Sexual abuse, misconduct allegations kept quiet for decades at world-renowned Colorado Center for the Blind

They came to the Colorado Center for the Blind seeking confidence. They left traumatized.

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Namaste Noir: A Colorado yoga co-op seeks to diversify, heal racialized trauma

A growing body of research asserts that racism and discrimination may be playing a larger factor than previously thought in elevating risks for obesity and chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer among people of color. Can yoga help?


Carman: If it weren’t for Megan Rapinoe, we’d be up “Schitt’s Creek”

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A Denver startup asks every potential investor: Have you faced sexual harassment complaints?

Soona’s “Candor Clause” doesn’t dance around VCs behaving badly. It’s part of a movement to fix a toxic industry where female founders struggle to raise capital.


“A Doll’s House” times two: DCPA Theatre Company experiments with epic-length production

Ibsen’s classic and a sequel written 140 years later staged together allows viewers to toggle between time periods and consider the social progress of women


Nicolais: Trying to “do better” for sexual assault victims

Featured in Netflix’s Unbelievable series, the manhunt for a serial rapist in Colorado serves as just a backdrop to the real story.

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Opinion: Women are rising in the conservation movement, but still face #MeToo challenges

Opinion Columns

Democrats look to revive the #MeToo movement at Capitol to make lasting change

Sen. Faith Winter and Democratic lawmakers want to overhaul the Colorado legislature's system for investigating complaints regarding workplace harassment

Politics and Government

Colorado Democrats launched a #MeToo commission this year, but so far there is little to show

The situation involving Rep. Jovan Melton is only adding to the tension about how the Democratic Party is addressing issues related to sexual harassment and violence

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