Marianna McClellan as Nora in "A Doll's House," left, and Barbra Wengerd as Nora in "Part 2." (Photo provided by Adams VisCom)

“A Doll’s House” times two: DCPA Theatre Company experiments with epic-length production

Ibsen’s classic and a sequel written 140 years later staged together allows viewers to toggle between time periods and consider the social progress of women

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“An extremely, extremely challenging day”: Widespread destruction feared after East Troublesome fire explodes

The blaze grew to 125,000 acres as it swept Grand County on Wednesday night toward Grand Lake and through an area packed with homes, lodges and other businesses

Colorado child protection caseworker under investigation for falsifying reports about checking on kids, at-risk adults

The alleged fraud was uncovered after Moffat County fell behind on abuse and neglect reports, and the state sent in a team of 15 caseworkers to clean up the mess

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Denver’s unique sales tax to fight climate change could be a blueprint for future action nationwide

Ballot measure 2A is part of Denver’s efforts to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in the city, but some are concerned about regressive nature of the tax