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An environmental group claims 70% of Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions come from oil and gas. But that’s in dispute.

350 Colorado’s worst-case scenario modeling suggests oil and gas should be gone from the state by 2030 to slow climate change.

Opinion: Let’s end the wasteful practice of routine venting and flaring from oil and gas sites

Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday

2nd lawsuit challenging Colorado’s tough new oil and gas air pollution rules is tossed

Judge Martin Egelhoff cited the July 29 dismissal of Weld County’s lawsuit in his decision, finding that Garfield County also could not claim damages arising from a rule that applies to the entire oil and gas industry

Drafting rules to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions may prove even harder because of missing data

The state's Air Quality Control Commission doesn’t expect new rules to be in place for another year

Colorado may have missed a deadline to plan for reducing greenhouse gasses. Now the state faces a lawsuit.

Some critics say what is lacking is a lead from Gov. Jared Polis

Opinion: Now’s the time for Colorado to act boldly and cut air pollution

Opinion: Stronger methane rules will benefit the West Slope and Front Range alike

Colorado’s attorney general vows to sue Trump administration over methane rule rollbacks

Some major oil and gas companies have asked President Donald Trump to forgo the rollbacks, siding with environmentalists

Opinion: We need a federal rule that applies to all oil and gas development on public lands

Dozens plead with Trump administration to keep methane rules at one-and-done hearing in Denver

Opponents argued Wednesday that changing the rules would threaten people's health, worsen climate change and squander natural gas by allowing leaks to go undetected

The Trump administration is holding its only hearing on rollback of methane rules Wednesday in Denver

Nearly 125 people have asked to speak at the daylong EPA session