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Hickenlooper: Our plan to fight for a healthier future for all Coloradans

Opinion: Ensure fairness, equity, and justice for all children. Transform Medicaid to a universal program.

Opinion: Here’s how we can keep kids healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

“It saved us”: A recent infusion of federal funds is helping Colorado’s rural hospitals stay afloat

The funds will help rural facilities keep their doors open amid the coronavirus crisis, but it’s unclear how far the money will stretch

Colorado’s rural pharmacies wrestle against big business to remain community cornerstones

1,230 rural pharmacies have closed since 2003, including 45 in Colorado. Some blame benefit management companies that reimburse for medications at less than they cost to buy.

Nicolais: Any health care “public option” second wave must make some changes

After Colorado bill sponsors pulled the public option from consideration in light of difficulties created by the coronavirus, they should reconsider compelling participation

Colorado is banking on telehealth to slow coronavirus. But many rural hospitals lack necessary resources.

Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rules changed on Wednesday, but rural hospitals say they still face significant financial barriers to get the virtual systems in place fast enough to make a difference

Colorado sues Trump administration over mandate that insurance companies send separate bill for abortion coverage

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says the policy is an administrative nightmare that intentionally confuses people

Nicolais: Justice Neil Gorsuch, evangelizing for the separation of powers

Returning to his home state, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch offered sage advice for people from all political stripes

Opinion: Transparency and accountability needed in prescription drug industry

Opinion: More price controls are the wrong Rx for health care in Colorado

Opinion: Let’s stop choosing between buying food or healthcare. The urgent need for Medicare-for-all

Michael Bennet says he’s shifting national health care debate. But even in his home state, there’s pushback.

The Colorado Democrat’s first town hall in more than a year served as a microcosm for the challenges he faces on the national stage

Opinion: Health care is a right, not just for the privileged

Opinion: Congress should save Coloradans from sky-high air ambulance charges

Colorado patients' average bill is about $44,000 for an air ambulance transport

Opinion: Health insurance companies want lower premiums. But here’s why they’re so high.

Michael Bennet has a warning for Democrats. But it’s not clear how many are listening.

The U.S. senator from Colorado’s presidential campaign is reaching a pivotal moment with Wednesday's second Democratic debate

In rural Colorado, emergency medical services struggle to keep money-losing ambulances rolling

High costs, low rates and scarce job applicants are forcing ambulance services to consolidate, take on new tasks and outsource

Opinion: Their foster kids can be prone to violent outbursts, but these parents remain devoted. They need our help.

Looking for a safe nursing home is hard. And a newly released watch list tells only part of the story.

The Special Focus Facility list includes some -- but not all -- of Colorado’s most troubled nursing homes. Here are other resources for families.

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