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Hickenlooper: Our plan to fight for a healthier future for all Coloradans

Nothing reinforces the need for quality, affordable and accessible health care like our current public health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how far we have to go to reach universal coverage that ensures equity and provides health care providers the resources they need.  It is ridiculous that people are charged hundreds of dollars […]

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Opinion: Ensure fairness, equity, and justice for all children. Transform Medicaid to a universal program.

July 30 marked the 55th birthday of Medicaid and Medicare. This anniversary, noted at a time of great health peril in our country, offers us an opportunity to address the needs of our children.  As a pediatrician with many years of commitment to the care of children, here and worldwide, I am fearful as the […]

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Opinion: Here’s how we can keep kids healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

The good news: few kids get seriously ill with COVID-19. The bad news: the pandemic is indirectly threatening critical support for children, specifically access to care and life-saving vaccines.  Recently, Italian authorities reported in The Lancet a series of distressing pediatric cases of delayed access to care in March 2020, during the height of their […]

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“It saved us”: A recent infusion of federal funds is helping Colorado’s rural hospitals stay afloat

A recent infusion of federal funds is providing much-needed relief for rural hospitals already under financial pressure when the coronavirus crisis hit Colorado.  Though hospital administrators say the emergency funds will provide immediate support, there is uncertainty around how and when the funds can be used, specifically if they can be used to make up […]

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Colorado’s rural pharmacies wrestle against big business to remain community cornerstones

CHEYENNE WELLS – Ted Billinger Jr. closed his pharmacy in this prairie town on March 13, 2019, as the worst storm on record hit Colorado. He delivered a prescription for a child with the flu and one to the local nursing home, went home, had a heart attack in his backyard and died. For nearly […]

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Nicolais: Any health care “public option” second wave must make some changes

Colorado’s public option for health insurance died an ignominious death last week due to coronavirus complications. Without the ability to engage all stakeholders, most prominently including the providers currently on the front lines combating COVID-19, sponsors chose pull the bill. Unfortunately, proponents have promised to revive the measure once the pandemic subsides and the state […]

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Colorado is banking on telehealth to slow coronavirus. But many rural hospitals lack necessary resources.

Colorado health officials want to use “remote” health care services, known as telehealth, as a tool to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But despite recent regulatory changes intended to make it easier for patients to seek medical advice or treatment without leaving their home, many rural hospitals and clinics lack adequate funding, […]

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Colorado sues Trump administration over mandate that insurance companies send separate bill for abortion coverage

Colorado has joined six other states and the District of Columbia in suing the Trump administration over a rule requiring insurance companies to send a second, separate bill for abortion and other reproductive health coverage.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services policy, which went into effect Tuesday, applies to states that allow insurance […]