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Magellan Strategies

Magellan Strategies

The behind-the-scenes story of being Gov. Jared Polis during Colorado’s coronavirus crisis

“Who would think losing 6,000 people could ever be a win instead of 8,000? It’s just horrific every day,” the Democrat said.


Colorado’s surging early-vote turnout is a strong sign for Democrats

Unaffiliated voters are now the largest bloc, but Democrats are still outperforming the GOP. “Republicans should be feeling pretty bad,” an analyst said.

Election 2020

5 numbers that show why 2020 was never going to be an easy year for Cory Gardner in Colorado

In the six years since Gardner and Democratic rival John Hickenlooper last appeared on the ballot, the Colorado political landscape has shifted

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Bernie Sanders boasts big lead in Colorado presidential primary as rivals struggle, new poll shows

A poll from Magellan Strategies shows defeating President Donald Trump is the top concern for voters ahead of the Super Tuesday primary

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Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

40% of Colorado voters are now unaffiliated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their votes are toss-ups in the 2020 election

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Polling shows support for a tax hike to pay for a Front Range passenger train. But the devil is in the details.

The effort — showing 61% support for a sales tax increase to pay for the route — is starting off strong and supporters can make their case to state lawmakers. However, that share will likely decline when an exact tax increase is finalized.


Colorado voters leaning toward approving the elimination of state spending caps under TABOR, poll finds

Republican pollster Magellan Strategies found that 54% of likely general election voters intend to approve Proposition CC in November

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The top Democratic and Republican pollsters in Colorado agree: 2020 is not looking good for the GOP

The turnout models in two recent 2020 polls favor voting populations kind to Democrats and ones that don’t support President Donald Trump

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Coloradans undecided about national popular vote law, new poll shows, as idea becomes 2020 talking point

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper isn’t fully on board with the idea, telling The Colorado Sun: “In the end, our Founding Fathers got things pretty right.”

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Why Cory Gardner endorsed Donald Trump — and whether it helps or hurts him

A new poll shows unwavering support for the president among Republicans in Colorado, but it's not clear whether Trump endorsement will ward off primary challenge

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Colorado Republicans, reeling from 2018 losses, wonder: Is it us or is it Trump?

Two competing viewpoints about what went wrong in the midterms dominate as Colorado GOP conducts an election autopsy

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Here’s why Colorado’s unaffiliated voters overwhelmingly picked Democrats in 2018. The story starts with Donald Trump.

Four in 10 unaffiliated voters polled by Magellan Strategies said a vote for Democrat Jared Polis in the governor’s race was a statement against President Donald Trump

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