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Colorado still allows killers to use gay or transgender “panic” defenses. But the strategy could soon be outlawed.

The strategy has recently been outlawed in a number of states, including California, New York and New Jersey. It’s still used in Colorado, though sparingly.

Nicolais: Colorado conservatives take steps toward LGBTQ equality

While GOP state house members introduced six bills targeting the LGBTQ community, opposition from many conservatives demonstrated a slow growth in LGBTQ equality among their ranks

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Republican anti-LGBTQ bills at the Colorado Capitol test: Where does the party stand?

A number of GOP members of the statehouse declined to talk about the measures. Several who did said they disagree with the slate of legislation.

Nicolais: Could a generational divide over Trump lead to an evangelical exodus?

Recent editorials in leading evangelical publications may indicate a changing tide in the historically Republican voting bloc


Nicolais: It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our friends

An open letter to one of my favorite authors after JK Rowling publicly undermined the transgender community


Nicolais: Denigrating Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just wrong, it’s harmful

The far-left outcry against DeGeneres over her friendship with former President George W. Bush demonstrates an ideology that would undermine political progress