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Nicolais: Colorado’s GOP has not learned its lesson on anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from 10 years ago

In the most chaotic end of session in Colorado legislative history, Republicans lost the state for a decade — now they are doubling down

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The number of LGBTQ foster kids is on the rise, but does Colorado have enough accepting homes?

A handful of child placement agencies and a county child welfare program are standouts in seeking same-sex couples and LGBTQ-affirming foster homes.

Social Services

Lawmakers in 19 states, including Colorado, want legal refuge for trans youth

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Littwin: Jared Polis says he has Mickey Mouse’s back in Florida’s war on Disney

He has even offered Disney a chance to build a new park in Colorado. OK, that may not happen, but it’d be a perfect setting for a Rocky Mountain High roller coaster.

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Nicolais: Cold wars and culture wars never go away

As the world watched Russia invade Ukraine, culture warriors here in the U.S. reignited battles believed to be long over

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Fired teen librarian in Colorado files discrimination complaints, cites canceled LGBTQ and anti-racism programs

High Plains Library District says it was merely reviewing programs and asked that Brooky Parks’ Read Woke Book Club be renamed to be more inclusive


Colorado Mesa University trustees now led by rare all-woman executive committee

“Culture of firsts” is put into practice in many ways at the Western Slope university, including hiring a president who is a graduate of CMU, trustees say.


Old ambulance finds new purpose as mobile mental health clinic for LGBTQ+ youth in the Denver area

The ambulance has been transformed into a mobile mental health clinic run by Joy as Resistance, a nonprofit organization that focuses on LGBTQ+ youth through mental health and wellness services.


High school volleyball coach says Valor Christian forced him out for being gay

School officials say his sexuality does not align with Valor beliefs


Jack Phillips appeals Colorado court’s ruling on gender transition cake

Judge A. Bruce Jones ruled that attorney Autumn Scardina was denied a cake that was blue on the outside and pink on the inside to celebrate her gender transition on her birthday because of her transgender status in violation of the law


Colorado web designer who didn’t want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples loses challenge to anti-discrimination law

The Colorado Solicitor General has previously questioned whether Lorie Smith should even be allowed to challenge the law since she had not started offering wedding websites yet.

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SunLit interview: Author wrote “the kind of book I always wanted to read but could never find”

David R. Slayton, a high school dropout and gay, found plotlines in his impoverished youth and melded them with fantasy -- plus his study of Denver history


Littwin: The timing couldn’t be better for Carl Nassib to be the first active NFL player to come out as gay

As the 6-foot-7, 275-pound defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders takes a giant step forward, it’s with the hope that in 2021, the era of the activist athlete, it’s the bigot who draws the scorn.

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Masterpiece Cakeshop baker fined $500 for refusing to make a cake celebrating a woman’s gender transition

Alliance Defending Freedom, which is defending baker Jack Phillips, said it would appeal the ruling.


Nicolais: Anti-transgender activists should take a lesson from Colorado

Scoring short-term political points among the conservative base at the cost of LGBTQ equality is a losing proposition

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“Everyone is being crazy”: Conservative Delta County erupts over an effort to teach sexual education

A task force spent two years drafting a curriculum that was ultimately rejected by the Delta County School District 50J board last week amid dueling rallies and big tensions


“The best day in two years”: Colorado Army captain celebrates Biden’s repeal of transgender military ban

Capt. Alivia Stehlik came out before the ban began in 2017. She hopes the repeal will lead to more gains for trans soldiers.


Colorado Supreme Court updates definition of common-law marriage to include LGBTQ, nontraditional couples

Three rulings issued Monday broaden criteria for common-law marriage, address situations where couples don’t agree on marriage status

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Opinion: In Mike Pence, evangelicals had their “24-karat-gold” man in the White House

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Nicolais: A Colorado Supreme Court justice put principle over personal preference in two recent cases

By choosing to write dissents in two anti-discrimination cases before the Colorado Supreme Court, Marquez showed exceptional judicial restraint

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