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Opinion: Labor has made gains in Colorado, but there’s more to do

It is our privilege to represent and advocate on behalf of some of the hardest working, diverse, and engaged Coloradans in the state. As representatives of the Colorado Education Association, the Service Employees International Union, and the Colorado AFL-CIO, we know firsthand the commitment and tenacity of our members. Our members provide healthcare and education, […]

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Opinion: Joe O’Dea’s pitch to Colorado workers rings hollow

Big corporate CEOs are raking in record profits and working Americans are bearing the brunt of rising costs. Working Coloradans can’t afford to be fooled by a candidate who claims to fight for them. Republican Senate nomineee Joe O’Dea will try to use working Coloradans to push him to victory, but working Coloradans will see […]

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What’s Working: Colorado employers say there’s still a labor shortage even as more jobs are filled

Colorado employers may be facing some of the highest inflation in decades, not to mention talk of recession (no, one hasn’t been officially announced). But one thing that may be finally easing up is attracting enough workers. It’s still bad, just not as bad as it was a year ago, said Curtis Englehart, executive director […]

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Denver’s Convergence Station could be the second Meow Wolf location to unionize

More than half the people working at Convergence Station in Denver say they want to join the Meow Wolf Workers Collective and create a union bargaining unit for the massive immersive art installation. The workers of Meow Wolf Convergence Station announced their intention to join the Communications Workers of America on Tuesday, declaring “the age […]

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Opinion: The freedom of work independence, the security of employment benefits

The pandemic has been an unexpected boon for workers. After an initial surge in unemployment, the economy has recovered and now, with a red-hot labor market, workers are figuring out how to demand more from their companies. In some cases, this is taking the form of direct confrontation, like the battle between Amazon and its […]

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Opinion: The right to strike is the right to be treated as a human

Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee while fighting for the rights of sanitation workers. Indeed, MLK Jr. was a strong advocate for the rights of workers to organize unions, demanding in his final years that the country recognize its working poor. He even equated anti-labor voices with racism, once proclaiming “the labor-hater […]