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labor unions
labor unions

PHOTOS: King Soopers workers strike for higher wages

With no movement on a new contract, King Soopers employees who are part of UFCW Local 7 rallied together with support from local officials.


Vail Resorts offers end-of-season bonus as ski areas struggle through labor crisis

Ski resorts are struggling with COVID-ravaged workforces and swelling crowds. Vail Resorts promises workers a $2-an-hour bonus as it weathers a labor crisis, a potential strike by Park City ski patrollers and a declining stock price.


As strikes begin, it’s King Soopers vs. the union vs. … the workers?

King Soopers union employees began their strike in Colorado, but some feel they aren't being heard by the grocery store or union.


King Soopers union workers reject what grocery chain calls “last, best and final offer”

Thousands of unionized grocery workers went on strike Wednesday at 77 Denver-area grocery stores.


King Soopers union workers plan 3-week strike starting Wednesday at 87 Colorado grocery stores

Charges of unfair labor practices are on both sides as negotiations on a new contract have apparently not been successful.


King Soopers union workers vote to strike, which could begin as early as Sunday

Contentious negotiations for a new contract have led to lawsuits and charges of unfair labor practices. A strike could happen on Jan. 9, a day after the existing contract expires.


King Soopers employee union to hold strike vote on Sunday

Union officials say they’re negotiating for a safer workplace as COVID continues, while the grocer says it’s balancing costs. The contract expires Jan. 8. A strike would affect 87 King Soopers in Colorado.


Kaiser Permanente faces strike votes in California, Oregon. Colorado may be next.

Kaiser, one of the nation's largest health care providers, has proposed a two-tiered wage and benefits system that would give newer employees lower pay and fewer health protections.


Opinion: This year, Labor Day has new meaning for Colorado farmworkers

Enjoy the fruits of Colorado farms knowing those who worked the fields now have basic labor protections

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Colorado AFL-CIO will withhold donations to Democratic campaign committees through May 2022, saying unions have been “excluded”

“We need the Colorado Democratic Party to treat us like authentic partners,” Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director Dennis Dougherty wrote in a letter to fellow labor leaders

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