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The majority of bills that became law in Colorado this year were supported by both Democrats and Republicans

A record number of bills became law in Colorado for the second straight year, and a majority of the 39 Republicans in the statehouse voted in favor of 56% of them, according to a Colorado Sun analysis of legislation considered at the Capitol in 2022. Of the 657 measures introduced, 507 were signed into law, […]

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Nicolais: Colorado Sen. Kevin Priola should be a lesson to the Colorado GOP

President Ronald Reagan famously quipped, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” More than a half century later, the modern equivalent seems to be, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party. The party went crazy, traded its principles for conspiracies, and began throwing dishware at my head.” At least, that is what it […]

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Republicans initiate recall of Colorado Sen. Kevin Priola two days after he announces he’s becoming a Democrat

A group of Republicans on Wednesday initiated a recall against Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola, two days after the Henderson lawmaker announced he was leaving the GOP to become a Democrat.  The recall effort, backed by a deep-pocketed conservative nonprofit, kicks off a flurry of legal questions, namely whether the recall will be focused on […]

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Littwin: Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola switches from GOP to Dems because the stakes are just that high

The news of Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola’s decision to abandon the Republican Party and join the Democratic caucus in the state legislature is not quite ground-shaking, but that’s not to say it isn’t a big deal.  In fact, it’s a very big deal. Maybe more important than Priola switching parties — remember Sen. Ben […]

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State Sen. Kevin Priola switches his party registration to Democrat from Republican, citing 2020 election conspiracies

State Sen. Kevin Priola has switched his party registration to Democrat from Republican, the Henderson lawmaker announced Monday, citing ongoing concerns about the GOP’s embrace of 2020 election conspiracies and unwillingness to work on legislation to combat climate change. “I cannot continue to be a part of a political party that is OK with a […]

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Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Colorado would have a statewide recycling program funded by fees charged to companies that produce packaging under a bill passed by the legislature Wednesday. Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign House Bill 1355 into law.  The fees would be used to provide recycling services to most communities and residents across Colorado in the hopes […]

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Advocates want to charge companies to create a statewide recycling program in Colorado

State Sen. Kevin Priola had his recycling epiphany while staring at an empty pizza box.  The grease stains on the lid spelled it out for the Henderson Republican: Colorado recycles only about 15% of its waste because recycling is too hard. Even a dedicated recycler like Priola was surprised to learn that cardboard with food […]

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Colorado Republicans’ hopes of winning in 2022 clash this week with 2020 election deniers

Colorado Republicans’ hopes for winning in November could hinge on a clash this week between those in the party still focused on baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and those who want to focus on the future. The GOP’s state assembly, where Republican primary candidates will be selected by party insiders, is […]