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Colorado is about to spend $28 million to fund free summer bus and train trips. It remains unclear if riders will flock.

If you build it, will they really come?  Or, more specifically, if you make transit free for one month will Coloradans start riding it and then come back when they have to pay? Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Jared Polis hope the answer is “yes” as they prepare to spend $28 million on a program aimed […]

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Colorado lawmakers approve effort to give past child sex assault victims a chance to sue their abusers, institutions

The Colorado legislature on Tuesday sent Gov. Jared Polis a contentious bill that would give historic survivors of child sexual assault, for whom the civil statute of limitations has run out, a three-year opportunity to sue their abusers and the institutions or organizations that failed to stop the abuse.  Senate Bill 88 cleared the House […]

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Opinion: As a rabbi and former lawyer, I see reforming Colorado’s system for sealing arrest records as a moral imperative

As a spiritual leader of B’nai Havurah, the Denver Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, I have a moral obligation to support efforts that advance second chances and create greater equity and opportunity for all people. I am particularly moved to protect those most harmed by injustice and marginalization.  That is why I strongly support House Bill 1214, […]

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Opinion: Colorado lawmakers should reject a charter-school bill that deprioritizes kids

House Bill 1295 was introduced last month at the Colorado Capitol with the innocuous title, “Rebuttable Presumption in Charter School Appeals.” Despite this seemingly harmless name, the bill actually represents one of the more dangerous proposals brought forth against students and families this entire legislative session.   Sponsored by state Rep. Jennifer Bacon, D-Denver, who is […]

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Denver’s current, former mayors say “dysfunctional” school board mistreated departing Superintendent Susana Cordova

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and former Mayor Federico Peña weighed into education politics Monday with a statement sharply criticizing the Denver school board for “undermining” outgoing Superintendent Susana Cordova, who recently announced her resignation. The mayors said the board should abdicate what is arguably its most important duty — hiring a superintendent — and let […]