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Political swings on Colorado school boards spark level of antagonism not seen since desegregation

Julie Hensley believes her SUV was targeted because of the cheery blue-and-yellow “Come Together” message spray-painted on her back window.  The special education teacher at Legend High School in Parker was already at her desk at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday when the hallways began to buzz with word that teachers’ cars were slapped with flyers: […]

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Silverman: Let’s not hide from the racism in our history. We can learn from it.

The truth about Colorado and America’s racial history is out there, especially in three recent well-researched books by talented authors. Recommended for your summer reading is “Grant,” “Forget the Alamo,” and “The Holly.” Two hundred years ago, the border between Mexico and the United States traversed Colorado and extended to parts of Kansas, Wyoming and […]

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“We want to lead”: Frisco uses art to reckon with the high country’s lack of diversity

FRISCO — At 9,097 feet above sea level, 15 artists used 16 letters to send a message and start a conversation about racism and diversity in Colorado’s mountain towns. “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” painted by artists on the pavement on Main Street in Frisco in 20-foot letters between Madison and First avenues, presents an impossible-to-ignore challenge […]

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Why now? The roots (and possible future) of Colorado’s reckoning with racism past and present

Earlier this month, Sarah Stabio was cleaning up in the exercise studio she opened nearly four years ago when she caught a glimpse of the screen-printed sign on her front window: “The Bar Method Denver-Stapleton.” Suddenly, she couldn’t wait another moment. “Stapleton,” the area that memorializes a Denver mayor notorious for his ties to the […]

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Opinion: To become a truly anti-racist society, we must go beyond police reform

Racism is not a new problem. It is not an accident, either.   Our country’s forbears consciously wrote laws and policies to keep people of color from the rooms of power, to subjugate and oppress them, creating generations of suffering.   Building racial justice must be an equally active process.   Racial equity is more than an absence […]

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Opinion: Now’s the time to dismantle the systemic racism in our schools

A crisis is building — what will “school” look like in the fall? The problem? Most states, districts and schools are creating schedules for educating children that don’t work for many kids, parents or families.  The potential blend of in-person-schooling and remote learning at home virtually ensures that low-income families will be faced with the daunting prospect […]

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Carman: Which white guy running for U.S. Senate will make sure once and for all that Black Lives Matter?

So here we are again wondering if at last we’ve reached a turning point in the country’s 400-year history of brutal abuse and oppression of black and brown people.  To watch the compilation of videos that document the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers is to witness a hate crime committed by agents […]

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Hundreds gather in downtown Denver for memorial service in honor of George Floyd

Hundreds gathered in downtown Denver on Thursday morning for an hour-long memorial service honoring the life of George Floyd, whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers led hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country to take to the streets to demand justice and push for police reform. The rows of stone benches […]