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Colorado is still seeing a sharp drop in the number of kids being vaccinated amid coronavirus

The number of childhood and adolescent vaccines administered in Colorado dropped 19% during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the same period last year, confirming fears of alarmed pediatrics experts who believe the state is now vulnerable to devastating outbreaks of once-controlled diseases like measles.  The gap puts added pressure on […]

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Republicans stopped Colorado’s vaccine bill last year with delay tactics. Will they work again?

They asked for bills to be read at length. They gave a history of the man-made chemicals perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl. There was even a request for an amendment to dedicate a bill to the 1980s TV show “Magnum, P.I.” Republicans in the Colorado legislature deployed filibuster tactics Friday in an attempt — for the second […]

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Colorado lawmakers failed to pass a bill to improve immunization rates in 2019. Here’s what’s new this year.

After three siblings were diagnosed with measles at Children’s Hospital Colorado in December, public health officials began tracking down 258 other patients who visited the emergency department that day and were potentially exposed to the disease.   Public health workers needed to find the children who came to the hospital that Saturday night, the parents and […]

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Where’s the line between political speech and credible threats? A Colorado bill is asking the question.

Kyle Mullica opens his email and finds one he received last year after introducing a bill at the state Capitol. The expletive-laden missive ends with this message: “The world would be better if your home burned down with you and your family in it.” The first-term state representative scrolls to find another message. This one […]

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To boost low measles vaccination rates, public health agencies are targeting Colorado’s biggest counties

Public health officials in five of Colorado’s most populous counties are trying to make a dent in the state’s low measles vaccination rate, targeting parents of kindergarteners as they warn rates are too low to prevent an outbreak. In Denver County, the parents of about 800 children ages 4-6 got letters notifying them their kids […]

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Colorado’s near-lowest vaccination rates have schools ready to enforce state law to prevent an outbreak

Concern that Colorado is vulnerable to a major outbreak of measles, mumps or whooping cough has prompted a few school districts to try something new: follow state law. Colorado requires that school districts exclude students from school if they do not have up-to-date immunizations or exemptions on file. But most districts do not follow that […]

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Opinion: Colorado vaccination bill would have set a dangerous and discriminatory precedent

The assertion by Dr. Edwin J. Asturias in The Colorado Sun that the minority of parents using school vaccine exemptions were only being asked to make a “small effort” is misleading. Parental efforts were already increased with the passage of HB-1288 in 2014, which also provided the health department with the vaccination coverage and exemption […]