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Here are the most-lobbied bills in Colorado’s 2019 legislative session. The list may surprise you.

One of the Democratic majority’s greatest disappointments in the final days of the legislative session was the failure to guarantee paid family leave in Colorado. The legislation was reduced to a feasibility study of the concept — in large part because of intense lobbying from business interests against the measure. In fact, Senate Bill 188 […]

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Colorado lawmakers won’t finish their calendar. Now Democrats have to decide which bills to let die.

If the state Senate worked 24 hours a day for the final week, it probably still wouldn’t get through the remaining list of bills before adjournment. “There will be some bills that simply die on the calendar,” said state Sen. Jeff Bridges, a Greenwood Village Democrat. “We just don’t have time.” The reality became clear […]

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Colorado may make it tougher to get vaccine exemptions, but abandons “really aggressive option”

An outcry from parents and opposition from Gov. Jared Polis are leading a Colorado lawmaker to abandon his effort to eliminate the state’s personal-belief exemption for required vaccinations. The legislation from State Rep. Kyle Mullica introduced Thursday makes it more difficult for parents to receive a religious or personal-belief exemption from immunizations required to enroll […]

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A push to fix Colorado’s lowest-in-the-nation vaccine rates has an unexpected critic: Jared Polis

A series of measles outbreaks in the U.S. is putting a spotlight on the state with the lowest rate of vaccinations in the nation: Colorado. Less than 89 percent of the state’s kindergarten-aged children have received the vaccines needed to prevent illnesses such as measles, mumps, whooping cough and chickenpox — far below the national […]