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Laura Pritchett: When it comes to rites of spring, bring on the Bear Dance

The long-running Southern Ute event invites the public to southwest Colorado to celebrate one of the tribe's most sacred traditions. It's worth the trip.


Why are Colorado’s rural counties vaccinating people faster than urban ones?

The 10 counties with the highest vaccination rates have small populations, but even with few health care resources, they are hitting their vaccine targets quickly.


Ute tribes reimagine Bear Dances, a key ceremony of renewal, as coronavirus locks down Colorado reservations

As Colorado eases coronavirus restrictions, Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute tribal councils have voted to maintain strict protective measures


Colorado boarding school, where government sought to assimilate tribal students, listed as a “most endangered” place

Colorado Preservation, Inc. is working with Southern Ute leaders as they consider preserving the site near Ignacio, which recalls a painful chapter of U.S. history