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Colorado lawmakers reject attempt to ban mountain lion, bobcat and Canadian lynx hunting

Colorado lawmakers on Thursday voted down a contentious measure that would have banned the hunting of bobcats, Canadian lynx and mountain lions in the state. Senate Bill 31 was rejected by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee during its first hearing at the Capitol, which lasted several hours because of the amount of testimony […]

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An attempt to ban mountain lion hunting in Colorado thrills animal activists, troubles hunters

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife commissioners in January 2021 allowed hunters in some areas to lure mountain lions with electronic calling devices, animal rights groups reacted with a new plan: asking lawmakers to ban hunting of Colorado’s wild cats.  “That was it for us,” said Aubyn Royall, the Colorado director of the Humane Society of […]

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As Colorado readies wolf-reintroduction plan, other states may step up kills

By Matthew Brown and Iris Samuels, The Associated Press BILLINGS, Mont. — Payments for dead wolves. Unlimited hunting of the animals. Shooting wolves from the air. Wolf hunting policies in some states are taking an aggressive turn, as Republican lawmakers and conservative hunting groups push to curb their numbers and propose tactics shunned by many […]

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“Too many uncontrollables”: From coronavirus to wildfires, Colorado’s hunting season brings a slew of uncertainties

Earl Oesterling first noticed the smoke plumes of the Cameron Peak fire near his business, Ivory & Antler Outfitters, in mid-August. He knew that signaled trouble for hunting even beyond the crowds and the drought that already beset the area.  The Jackson County outfitter, located about 20 miles west of what became a massive wildfire […]

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“Intentional discharge of an aimed firearm” leads to rare criminal charges in Colorado death of hunter

Harry Watkins and Simon Howell had hunted together for several years in densely timbered, steep terrain outside Kremmling.  Watkins, a 52-year-old from Pennsylvania, and Howell, a 26-year-old from West Virginia, were avid, experienced outdoorsmen. The annual Colorado elk hunt was a highlight of their season.  On Nov. 9, one of the hunters in their small […]

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Opposition grows to new Colorado rule requiring purchase of hunting, fishing license to access some public lands

An animal rights group opposed to hunting has sued Colorado Parks and Wildlife over a new rule that requires visitors to buy a hunting or fishing license to access State Wildlife Areas and State Trust Lands. The lawsuit comes as a diverse group of users of state public lands — hikers, climbers and paddlers — […]