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Opinion: Colorado doesn’t have a hunting problem

Trish Zornio’s opinion piece titled, “Trophy hunts and poaching of Colorado’s big game need to go extinct. Hunters should show some pride,” contained some good points. We agree that poaching or illegally killing wildlife is atrocious and we support Colorado Parks and Wildlife law enforcement officers in this effort.  However, there were more than a […]

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Colorado lawmakers reject attempt to ban mountain lion, bobcat and Canadian lynx hunting

Colorado lawmakers on Thursday voted down a contentious measure that would have banned the hunting of bobcats, Canadian lynx and mountain lions in the state. Senate Bill 31 was rejected by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee during its first hearing at the Capitol, which lasted several hours because of the amount of testimony […]

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An attempt to ban mountain lion hunting in Colorado thrills animal activists, troubles hunters

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife commissioners in January 2021 allowed hunters in some areas to lure mountain lions with electronic calling devices, animal rights groups reacted with a new plan: asking lawmakers to ban hunting of Colorado’s wild cats.  “That was it for us,” said Aubyn Royall, the Colorado director of the Humane Society of […]