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Zornio: Marshall fire victims battling insurance companies need to know about DORA

Timely and adequate insurance recovery is in your contract. If that contract isn’t being met, the state can help.

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How to prepare for a wildfire in Colorado

As wildfire season grows longer and more catastrophic, experts say to map evacuation routes and gather emergency supplies


People who lost their homes in the Marshall fire must now contend with Colorado’s statewide housing crunch

Officials urged residents to contact their insurance companies, while Coloradans filled social media with offers to host evacuees. 

Marshall Fire

Could a new insurance-premium fee prevent Colorado’s next big natural disaster? Some lawmakers say yes.

House Bill 1208 would impose a fee on certain insurance premiums and then distribute the money generated to communities looking to do disaster mitigation projects

Politics and Government

A Colorado dashboard seeks to put a price on future wildfires, other natural disasters amid a warming climate

FACE:Hazards offers a look into how much Colorado might have to fork out to respond to future natural hazards, and how communities could work now to avoid going broke later


Glenwood Springs needs $10.5 million — right now — to prepare for watershed impacts of Grizzly Creek Fire

The city has sketched plans for $86 million in public projects, including a $57 million bridge for wildfire evacuation, to handle debris and ash threatening its water supply now and to manage threats from future wildfires.


What if we never need the $100 million coronavirus overflow hospitals Colorado is building?

One lease, for the Colorado Convention Center, costs $60,000 per day. But state emergency officials say the five makeshift medical centers are Colorado’s health care insurance policy.


Here’s how Colorado competes with the world to secure coronavirus tests and supplies

Late-night phone calls and leveraged international relationships have been necessary to secure equipment the state needs. “There’s incredible competition,” said Sarah Tuneberg, who runs the state’s innovation response team.


A new federal grant program allots $10 million for high-hazard dams in Colorado, 25 other states

An Associated Press analysis identified at least 1,688 dams that could cause particular concern — those rated by inspectors as in poor or unsatisfactory condition and located in high hazard places where people could die if they failed.


“Flood buddies” and sandbags: Southern Colorado readies for rain after last summer’s massive fire

2018 was the second worst year for wildfire on record in Colorado, adding 475,803 acres statewide to burn scars at risk for destructive post-fire flooding. Even a quarter-inch of rain could spell disaster.