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In “Lean and Strong,” the author guides readers toward effective motivation for diet and exercise

Josh Hillis steers individuals away from harmful psychology that thwarts healthy efforts, and toward practices more likely to achieve success and satisfaction


SunLit interview: Josh Hillis introduced psychology into a plan for healthy eating “in real life”

Working with clients and digging into research informed the principles behind "Lean and Strong: Eating Skills, Psychology and Workouts," which revamped the author's approach to diet and exercise


Is your throat scratchy from Colorado’s wildfire smoke or coronavirus? Here’s how to tell.

The air quality in Denver was worse than in Beijing and Kolkata the past few days. Here is what health experts are saying about going outside.


Even a consummate gym rat needs some training help during the coronavirus

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

Write On, Colorado

Virtual happy hour, barbell rentals, DIY craft kits: Colorado businesses share their coronavirus survival strategies

In these trying times of COVID-19 and government-mandated business shut downs, small business owners are getting creative as they’re forced to pivot or else face layoffs or permanent closures


How exercise is helping extreme athletes and others in Colorado battle addiction

"It's a community that welcomes you with open arms"