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SunLit Excerpt: “Hurts” explores the hoop dreams of a complex high school sisterhood

“Hurts” From the short story collection “Mixed Company” Freshman year, Coach Sasser assigned Junebug, Isabel, and me to the junior varsity basketball team, where we wore the ill-fitting brown polyester uniforms of our high school, the Thomas Jefferson Spartans. On J.V. we were golden, thundering up and down the court with little form but much […]

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Even a consummate gym rat needs some training help during the coronavirus

When the COVID-19 pandemic ended my daughter’s eighth-grade volleyball season, we found Trainer Hannibal by chance, on the video YouTube recommended after we viewed her coach’s suggested at-home exercises. Hannibal’s braids swung in a ponytail down his back, his pecs bulged through his t-shirt, and his calf muscles cast shadows. If there was something we’d […]