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economic forecast

economic forecast
economic forecast

What’s Working: As federal unemployment ends in 7 weeks, Colorado businesses are optimistic about their pandemic recovery

Department of Labor reveals how many unemployment accounts are on hold, businesses still struggle to find workers and a CU business school report finds that sales are back to pre-pandemic levels at half of businesses surveyed


Colorado’s governor wants a big, fast coronavirus stimulus package. State lawmakers worry about the details.

The situation echoes of the yearslong tug of war between the governor and Democratic budget writers that began soon after Jared Polis assumed office

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Colorado’s fiscal future looks brighter. Now lawmakers must decide how to spend the unexpected windfall.

The December revenue forecasts from the governor’s office and legislative economists show the recovery is impacting high-wage and low-wage workers differently

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Colorado lawmakers reconvene to consider stimulus plan, but experts question the cost to the state

Gov. Jared Polis put forward a $1.3 billion stimulus plan and called a special legislative session to take the steps to help unemployed and businesses

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Colorado spared more budget cuts for now, but an additional $1 billion in reductions looms on 2021 horizon

The state’s reserve is so minimal the slightest change will force Gov. Jared Polis to take executive action to reduce spending.

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Colorado is the only state without a rainy day fund. Now the coronavirus means it will pay the price.

Colorado's budget reserve fund is now larger than it was in previous years, but leaders knew it wouldn’t be enough to weather a storm

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Colorado’s craft beer industry is sobered as brewers predict mass closures if social distancing continues

Breweries faced a tough road in 2020 before the coronavirus, now one forecast suggests 60% of breweries won’t make it to June


Coronavirus isn’t stopping Coloradans from selling their homes. And some are even still going for a premium.

While Colorado’s housing market is starting to slow somewhat as the economy stalls, it's nothing like the Great Recession. Here’s why real estate experts say that’s the case.


The economic impact of the coronavirus is huge. Now Colorado lawmakers are looking at a budget deficit.

Gov. Jared Polis’ administration assures lawmakers they have enough money to address the COVID-19 outbreak

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Drew Litton: A chilly forecast


New economic projections show smaller property tax cut. Colorado has oil and gas to thank (or blame).

The December economic forecasts also show a surplus that gives lawmakers more money to spend, but requires taxpayer refunds, too

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