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Smartphone and registration?: Colorado state troopers will now ask for your digital driver’s license

Colorado State Patrol troopers began accepting digital driver’s licenses as proof of official ID during traffic stops this week after a pilot program that resulted in officers spending less time on the side of the road, which in turn, increased their personal safety. The program has been in the works for more than a year, […]

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Fraud, ID theft in Colorado have shifted during coronavirus. Now is the time to double down on protection.

The coronavirus pandemic offered identity thieves a gold mine.  Using stolen identities, thieves targeted the federal relief program known as the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which was being administered by local state unemployment agencies.  The key to the gold mine was that workers could backdate claims all the way to February and collect thousands of dollars […]

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Opinion: Do what’s best for all Coloradans by protecting our immigrant community

In 2014, I sat across the kitchen table of a community leader in southwest Denver who sighed, “Angela, se requiere mucho coraje para vivir esta vida.” Angela, it requires a lot of righteous indignation to live this life. At the time I was working as a community organizer alongside parishioners from St. Cajetan’s Catholic Parish […]

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Colorado is home to a collection of classic Shelby muscle cars. But are they just bygone relics in the Uber era?

A 6-foot-tall photo of Carroll Shelby looms large over the entrance of the Shelby American Collection. He’s a rockstar in American car and racing culture, and museum president Steve Volk wants visitors to know that. “He put American cars on the map, by winning and showing what an American car can do,” Volk said. “He […]

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Colorado immigrant driver’s licenses will be available at 9 locations starting in January

Starting in January, people living in the U.S. illegally will be able to get driver’s licenses at nine locations in Colorado, a dramatic expansion for a program that’s been hobbled since its roll out more than five years ago.  The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday that its offices in Glenwood Springs, Lamar, Montrose, […]

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Coloradans can now store their driver’s license on a smartphone. But don’t ditch your plastic ID just yet.

As personal data security becomes an increasingly overwhelming issue for Americans, the state of Colorado said it’s figured out how to make personal identity more secure with digital IDs. On Wednesday, the state officially added driver’s licenses to the myColorado mobile app. The app can be used to register to vote, renew a driver’s license […]

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Former Colorado foster youth make themselves heard for “sibling bill of rights,” driver’s license bill

The longer Davion Bugarin talked, his tears turning into gasping sobs, the more lawmakers began to cry. Someone found a box of tissues so the legislators on the House human services committee could wipe their eyes while Bugarin explained how he lost his sisters in foster care. “Separating siblings shouldn’t happen,” the 23-year-old said. “They […]

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After years of backlogs, Colorado’s troubled immigrant driver’s license program could see drastic expansion

Colorado lawmakers this year are poised to drastically expand the state’s long-troubled driver’s license program for people living in the U.S. illegally, solving a fundamental problem with the initiative that has plagued its efficacy from day one. Senate Bill 139, introduced on Tuesday, would require that at least 10 state Division of Motor Vehicles offices […]

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The legislature denied them four times, so transgender people found another way to rewrite Colorado law on birth certificates

Four years running, transgender people and the parents of transgender kids scooted close to a microphone in the state Capitol and asked a row of suited lawmakers to make it easier for them to get birth certificates with the gender that matched the way they live. Each time, the request was deemed too extreme, killed […]