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3 Denver International Airport workers remember how 9/11 changed them and their careers

Steve Lee, Mike Carlson and Mark Nagel all were working at DIA when terrorists attacked the United States 20 years ago. Here’s what they remember.


Opinion: Why United Airlines is adding 24 gates at Denver International Airport

A United vice president cites a 22% jump in the number of flights out of DIA in the past four years

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As Denver airport’s passenger numbers have seen a meteoric rise, so have its cargo operations. And that says a lot.

The jump in cargo loads at Denver International Airport is a solid indicator of Colorado’s economic growth. And it also presents an area for the hub to expand its operations.


The new breweries at DIA combine to make the most unlikely beer crawl in Colorado

The Denver airport now boasts six breweries. Can you visit them all in one day and still make a flight? We tried to find out.


Awkward pose no more: Denver airport first to get new TSA full-body scanner that lets passengers keep hands at their side

The goal is to have the new technology -- both the updated scanners and bin process -- be in place when the airport’s $1.8 billion Great Hall renovation is complete