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Denver Housing Authority

Denver Housing Authority
Denver Housing Authority

One of Denver’s poorest, most diverse neighborhoods was a food desert. Until now.

Residents of Sun Valley have had to travel miles by car or bus to get to a real grocery store. Then came Decatur Fresh Market, a government-subsidized store full of fresh produce and international spices.


Colorado cities can’t force developers to build affordable housing. Democratic lawmakers want to change that.

New state legislation would reverse a 20-year-old court decision and allow cities and counties to require affordable units in new developments.


To bridge the cultures of Mexico’s border region and a neglected Colorado neighborhood, just add water

Denver and its Mexican sister city hope to revitalize the Sun Valley neighborhood and Colorado River Delta with eco-parks despite water scarcity


Why Colorado hospitals are getting into the housing business

Denver Health, Mercy in Durango, find providing housing is safer, more cost effective for patients "stranded" in the system


Cheap internet for low-income users spreads in Denver, but there’s more to the urban digital divide

Starry’s $15-a-month broadband sounds like a deal. So why isn’t everyone signing up?


“The cruel irony of the digital divide” in Colorado: Urban poor are left behind even as access, technology improves

While state and federal programs in Colorado focus on rural internet access, private firms and nonprofits are stepping up to help low-income urban households get online for under $15


As development plans flood Denver’s poorest neighborhood, fear of gentrification lingers