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Denver Health

Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Demand for plasma from COVID-19 survivors is low in Colorado, and Denver Health quit using it to treat patients. Now researchers suspect it could help people when they first get sick.

Nicolais: A Colorado Supreme Court justice put principle over personal preference in two recent cases

By choosing to write dissents in two anti-discrimination cases before the Colorado Supreme Court, Marquez showed exceptional judicial restraint

Now that the coronavirus vaccine is here, public health agencies must convince Coloradans to take it

At least 70% of Coloradans must get the shot to achieve herd immunity, but it will take more than a $1 million marketing budget to build credibility

On Edge: A coronavirus survivor in Denver finds her footing amid her fears

Elizabeth Torres lost her grandfather to COVID-19. Soon after his death, she began to feel that she was losing herself.

Denver doctors may have found the answer to a pandemic mystery: What happened to all the heart attacks?

A new study looks at the number of cardiac arrest deaths occurring at home in the time of coronavirus, comparing the stay-at-home period to prior months

Medics in Colorado dosed 902 people with ketamine for “excited delirium” in 2.5 years, including Elijah McClain

101 fire and rescue agencies in Colorado are allowed to administer ketamine. In 17% of the instances when they used the drug for "excited delirium" serious complications arose.

An increasing number of Colorado coronavirus patients are surviving, and fewer need ventilators

The state's coronavirus mortality rate for hospitalized patients dropped to 10.5% compared to 15.1% in March, according to data shared by major hospital systems in Colorado

Denver Health retirees ordered to repay $11 million after mistake

The error occurred about 15 years ago and was discovered in late 2019 during a routine review, agency officials said, adding that letters were sent out to the retirees and their survivors

What happens to school-based health care in Colorado when schools close because of coronavirus?

Colorado’s system of 52 school-based health centers has grown into a crucial element of overall population health, delivering more than 100,000 visits last school year.

5 weeks into Colorado’s coronavirus crisis, state health officials begin to request patient demographic details

Missing such data means lost opportunity to direct resources, alter treatment guidelines where inequities appear, and design control and prevention strategies, advocates say.

Why are Colorado hospitals sending people with coronavirus home? There’s not much they can do.

Colorado hospitals say they need to prevent being overrun with patients but also that, unless someone with COVID-19 is in serious distress, medical options for helping them are limited. The majority of those infected will recover on their own.

If it gets bad, Colorado doctors have a plan for who gets lifesaving coronavirus treatment — and who doesn’t

Colorado has not yet implemented its crisis standards of care, but one doctor says the state may be inching closer.

Testing began in Gunnison last Friday, March 13 and is conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 12pm by the Gunnison County Health and Human Services Department outside of their building. Testing is held in Crested Butte at the Crested Butte Community School on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gunnison County is one of the hardest hit areas in the state in proportion to the population. Two people have been admitted to the Gunnison Valley Hospital, 39 people have tests pending and 239 residents are self-reporting symptoms and are self isolated.

Inside a Colorado coronavirus ward: The frightening reality for doctors as first cases arrive

A Denver Health physician describes her first week with confirmed and suspected patients, and her isolating routine at home

From rationing masks to polishing emergency plans, here’s how Colorado hospitals are preparing for the coronavirus

Hospitals are required to have plans for emergencies like a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 virus

Colorado wants to let pharmacists write prescriptions for HIV prevention drugs

House Bill 1061 to make PrEP available at pharmacies without a doctor's visit is aimed at eliminating HIV infections in Colorado as prevention funding is cut and access plateaus

Colorado hospitals just avoided tens of millions of dollars in federal funding cuts — but it might not last

The cuts would most affect hospitals like Denver Health that care for a lot of uninsured patients

Why Colorado hospitals are getting into the housing business

Denver Health, Mercy in Durango, find providing housing is safer, more cost effective for patients "stranded" in the system

Colorado emergency rooms are trying something new to stem the opioid crisis: addiction treatment

An increasing number of Denver-area hospitals are offering patients medication in the emergency room to treat their dependencies in the hopes of nudging them into long-term care

In Denver, a binge drinking capital, the sober curious movement is gaining popularity

Social groups with names like “Sober Not Boring” and “Sober AF” are seeking like-minded members tired of the drunk scene

Opinion: Legislators must act to improve the care and safety of hospital patients

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