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Denver County

Denver County
Denver County

More Coloradans than ever voted this year, and the state’s turnout ranks in the top 5 nationwide

Members of both major parties and unaffiliated voters all cast ballots at record-high rates, but Democratic counties led the way

Election 2020

How do you study online without a computer or internet access? It’s a reality for many Colorado kids.

As school districts roll out online learning after coronavirus shut down schools, about 55,000 Colorado students don’t have access to a device and 64,000 don’t have access to the internet


Most money spent in the child welfare system comes after kids are in foster care. What if that’s backwards?

A multi-county, privately funded project aims to flip the system to prevent kids from needing services in the first place.

Politics and Government

How Colorado’s rural and urban food communities are coming together

Schools, other public institutions are buying locally sourced food spurred by policy, values. But labor, distribution and other issues are unresolved.


Judge rules that Denver’s urban camping ban is unconstitutional

Denver County Judge Johnny C. Barajas cited a decision last year from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that struck down a ban on camping in public places in Boise, Idaho

Crime and Courts

New law to keep Colorado foster kids in their home schools is off to disappointing start

Less than 2 percent of state funds set aside for foster children’s transportation have been spent


Opinion: Denver is shutting down public access media when it ought to be fighting another takedown of democracy

Opinion Columns

In Denver child welfare cases, the father isn’t “John Doe” anymore. And now more kids facing abuse are in permanent homes.

New efforts to find the biological fathers of abused children in Denver have increased the likelihood those kids find permanent homes