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Drew Litton: Denver winter sports TV coverage (still) gone with the wind


What’s Working: What we learned after a week of Colorado paying pandemic unemployment benefits

One week down, countless more to go as Colorado's unemployment office fixes Phase 1 problems on the fly while people still waiting on Phase 2 benefits lose hope. Plus, the Paycheck Protection loan program isn’t perfect, either.


What’s Working: Two weeks until the end of unemployment benefits for 150,000 Coloradans and counting

With just a few weeks of federal CARES Act support, jobless Coloradans see options dwindle, but there still are some; plus, updates on holds, overpayments and what could happen in January


Subsidized broadband program speeds up, but Colorado customers must upgrade to keep discount

The federal Lifeline program provides $9.25 to low-income consumers for wireless or broadband service. But the FCC’s upgrade on Dec. 1 may leave some CenturyLink or mobile customers behind -- and with higher bills.


Internet service in western Colorado was so terrible that towns and counties built their own telecom

The new 481-mile rural Project Thor network is complete -- and run by a regional government council. It’s the opposite of what a state law intended 15 years ago


Cable industry counting on NBC’s new Peacock streaming service to keep your attention — and dollars

Even with the splintered cable market where broadband is more profitable than video, content is still king.


CenturyLink, Comcast suspend internet data cap during coronavirus crisis

Area internet service providers say their networks are ready for heavy home use during COVID-19 containment. “The network is built for this,” Comcast says.


Writing a term paper on a cell phone? For Colorado college students forced off campus by coronavirus, that may be the best option.

As Colorado universities shift to online classes to shield themselves from COVID-19, students lacking computers and internet access may have to get creative


The future of cable TV, an industry once driven by Colorado, may be in its past

Technology helped Denver's cable pioneers dominate the video world, but now the industry wonders if video is still its future


Silverman: ‘Tis the season for basketball, but we get lumps of coal from Comcast and Altitude

Opinion Columns

Comcast raising local TV fees 57% in January; Altitude Sports missing from 2020 lineup

Pay TV providers also are being forced to be transparent with “hidden fees” that can add up to $450 a year to customer bills.


Drew Litton: Where’s Marley’s ghost when you need him?


The definitive guide to Colorado’s history-making, fan-angering, TV landscape-shifting winter sports blackout

While the Altitude-Comcast impasse ends up in federal court, Nuggets and Avalanche faithful find work-arounds to watch their teams. But the sports broadcast business model is in flux.


The disruption of local sports TV began years ago — and it’s far from done

Regional sports networks like Altitude are feeling the financial pain of a new era in the way Americans watch TV


Altitude sues Comcast, says cable provider is running Denver sports network out of business

Basketball and hockey fans still can’t watch Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche on Comcast as dispute gets uglier


Drew Litton: Where’s a ref when you need one?


Cheap internet for low-income users spreads in Denver, but there’s more to the urban digital divide

Starry’s $15-a-month broadband sounds like a deal. So why isn’t everyone signing up?


“The cruel irony of the digital divide” in Colorado: Urban poor are left behind even as access, technology improves

While state and federal programs in Colorado focus on rural internet access, private firms and nonprofits are stepping up to help low-income urban households get online for under $15


From Denver to Durango, public-access TV channels still face budget threat after FCC decision

“One way or another, the order is a financial hit on communities with PEG programming," said Ken Fellman, legal counsel for the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance.


Finding family in the folds: Learning the art of wonton connects Coloradans across cultures

The traditional dumpling is more than a palate pleaser for many Asian Americans. It's redolent with childhood memories.

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