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A federal proposal to limit cable-TV fees has public-access channels scrambling for survival

The devastating 416 Fire that burned 54,000 acres north of Durango last summer had residents scrambling for updates. They found them on DGOV TV, the community television channel run by Durango city employees. The channel put regular programming on hold June 1 and aired only emergency information for the rest of the month. And it […]

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Where to watch your local city council meeting and more in Colorado

Finding a city’s local government or public-access TV channel isn’t easy. Many have moved online to broadcast local government meetings live. RELATED: Federal proposal to curb franchise fees could threaten public access channels. We started keeping track of some of the cities and their public-access and government-meeting channels and thought that readers of The Colorado […]

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Opinion: Denver is shutting down public access media when it ought to be fighting another takedown of democracy

The erosion of democracy over decades has been accompanied by transfer of wealth and power upward, and increased corporate dominance in every area, including media. Community public access media remains a rare vestige of democracy, even as its existence is threatened. Current proposed FCC policy would defund thousands of community media stations nationwide by redefining, […]

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Opinion: Content creation is changing, and public access media must evolve, too

Just like bookstores and video rental outlets, radio stations, television stations and newspapers are being forced to reinvent themselves to ensure long-term stability, the City and County of Denver is taking an innovative approach to modernize public access media. The city is ensuring that public access media remains relevant and accessible by adapting to rapidly […]

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Centennial just became Colorado’s largest city to launch an alternative broadband service. What about the other 100+ that voted to control their internet destiny?

Updated on Nov. 7, 2018: Nearly 20 more cities, counties and municipalities voted to opt out of the broadband law. See a complete list in the chart at the bottom of this story. Ting Internet turned on gigabit broadband service to its first customers in Centennial last week. A ceremony was held in the front […]