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Colorado Senate

Colorado Senate
Colorado Senate

Colorado Supreme Court ends decade-long fight over teen skier’s death in Vail inbounds avalanche

Taft Conlin was killed in an avalanche on Prima Cornice in 2012. His family argued for years that Vail Mountain failed to properly close the run when slide danger was high.


First draft of Colorado’s new state Senate, House district maps could pit 20 incumbents against each other

Redistricting staff released preliminary maps for how state legislative districts should be drawn

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Colorado governor vetoes bill that would have let candidates run for lieutenant governor and another elected position at the same time

House Bill 1092 passed the Senate by a 30-3 vote, with two members excused. It passed the House by a 44-19 vote, with two members excused in the lower chamber as well.

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Effort to force Colorado to cut greenhouse emissions faster exposes exasperation with Polis administration

“I am highly frustrated where we are now,” Sen. Kerry Donovan, a Vail Democrat, said.


Colorado lawmakers are poised to add gender identity and expression to anti-discrimination statutes

There are 21 states with full nondiscrimination protections that include gender identity, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality

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Here are the Colorado legislative districts that stand to change the most during redistricting

As Colorado’s independent legislative redistricting commission begins its work, 2019 population estimates show how some large rural districts will get even larger

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7 states have an assault weapons ban. Colorado is not among them — at least not yet.

It appears unlikely that Congress will be able to pass an assault weapons ban, and so state lawmakers are feeling pressure from their constituents to act

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Democrats on Colorado legislative panel kill GOP-backed bill to reduce state employees’ use of nondisclosure agreements

Republican Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer's bill would have barred state employees from abiding by nondisclosure and so-called non-disparagement agreements — with exceptions for employee privacy, federal or state rules requiring nondisclosure and security reasons

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Colorado lawmakers consider permanent fence around state Capitol

State officials are now deliberating the message it could send to have a fence around a building often referred to as “the people's house"

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Colorado Supreme Court confirms that Democrats’ speed-reading of bills violated state constitution

The situation arose from Republicans' efforts to stall the lawmaking process in protest of Democratic policies

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Effort to require Coloradans to report lost, stolen guns is on glidepath to governor’s desk after passing state Senate

As Senate Bill 78 heads to the House, House Bill 1106 -- a so-called “safe storage” measure -- heads to the Senate

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Colorado lawmakers advance effort to maintain school funding despite enrollment declines

Democrats at the state Capitol said they would maintain school funding in recognition that schools have incurred additional costs to educate students in a pandemic and on the premise that some students who sat out the fall could return to their home district


Republicans propose big changes to Colorado’s elections, including scaling back mail and in-person voting

The bills aren’t likely to get very far in the Democratic-controlled legislature, but they come amid a push by Republicans across the country to change election processes after a 2020 contest filled with falsehoods

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Big idea: Republicans think Colorado should rethink how much emergency power a governor should have

Republicans have been pushing a number of measures to give the legislature more power to operate as a check on the governor’s emergency powers

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Sen. Kerry Donovan: Connectivity beyond COVID-19: How we build a post-pandemic Colorado

Opinion Columns

Opinion: Political chess games aside, the race in Colorado’s Senate District 27 was about issues

Opinion Columns

Opinion: On a campaign “less about winning and more about destroying me”

Opinion Columns

Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

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What to know about voting and what to watch on Election Day in Colorado

The national picture could be hazy for days, but Colorado should have results on the presidential and Senate races without delay

Election 2020

Patrick Neville says he won’t seek Republican leadership role in Colorado House

It already appeared the Castle Rock Republican was going to be voted out of his position

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