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Colorado Senate

Colorado Senate

Sen. Kerry Donovan: Connectivity beyond COVID-19: How we build a post-pandemic Colorado

Opinion: Political chess games aside, the race in Colorado’s Senate District 27 was about issues

Opinion: On a campaign “less about winning and more about destroying me”

Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

What to know about voting and what to watch on Election Day in Colorado

The national picture could be hazy for days, but Colorado should have results on the presidential and Senate races without delay

Patrick Neville says he won’t seek Republican leadership role in Colorado House

It already appeared the Castle Rock Republican was going to be voted out of his position

Ethics complaints. Big spending. A criminal allegation. This may be the nastiest campaign in Colorado.

Suzanne Staiert’s role in the ethics charges against former Gov. John Hickenlooper puts her legislative campaign in the Democratic crosshairs

Democrats poised to hold power in the Colorado Senate as Republicans put on the defensive

Republicans face shifting demographics and an unpopular incumbent president in Donald Trump who could drag the GOP ticket down

Cory Gardner firmly rejects Trump’s suggestion that election should be delayed

Gardner has also split with Trump on the president's views on mail-in voting

Colorado governor signs sweeping police accountability bill into law. Here’s how it will change law enforcement.

Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 217 at a ceremony at the state Capitol on Friday, calling it a landmark piece of legislation that speaks to a national moment of reckoning

Chaos and compromise: Colorado’s coronavirus legislative session ends with a flurry of big bills

Democrats compromised with business groups, the governor and Republicans to push policies forward and tackle an unprecedented three-week lawmaking term

Colorado Democrats pare back bill eliminating tax breaks to reach accord with governor, business interests

The revised measure preserves many tax breaks but still pours more than $100 million into education for the next fiscal year. The original version lasted longer and generated more money.

10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session

State lawmakers have been busy in the final days of an odd, abbreviated lawmaking term. Here are the big-ticket items that you’ll want to know about.

Effort to give Colorado child sex assault survivors unlimited time to sue abusers is rejected

House Bill 1296, brought in the wake of a damning report on Colorado’s Catholic church, was set aside at the request of one of its prime sponsors in the hopes of bringing future legislation that will also benefit past survivors of abuse. The decision to sideline the measure drew disappointment.

Colorado’s coronavirus lawmaking term was supposed to be subdued. But it’s just as wild as ever.

A spate of controversial bills, from tax increases to vaccines, have made the final days frenetic and frustrating to the GOP and business groups.

Democrats approve rule to allow lawmakers to avoid Colorado Capitol, cast votes remotely during coronavirus

Republicans oppose the change in rules and argued lawmakers should show up, regardless of the risk

Colorado faces $6.8 billion coronavirus hit to state budget in coming years, new forecast projects

The financial landscape is worse than Colorado lawmakers were expecting after preliminary estimates suggested an immediate budget shortfall between $2 billion and $3 billion in the next few years

Coronavirus put an end to Colorado’s paid family leave bill. But there’s a lot more to the story.

Democratic lawmakers, who’ve failed for years to pass paid time off for illness and new babies, are calling it quits again in 2020. Instead, they’re throwing their weight behind a potential measure on the November ballot.

Judge places Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who only collected half the necessary signatures on primary ballot

Judge Christopher Baumann ruled that the fact Michelle Ferrigno Warren was able to collect half the necessary signatures despite the outbreak of the new coronavirus suggests she has “‘significant modicum’ of support for her candidacy.”

Colorado lawmakers upend the legislative session with decision to adjourn. Here’s what comes next.

Questions persist on whether the legislative session will resume, and how much lawmaking will take place in private in the interim

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