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Opinion: Pioneers in philanthropy, Colorado foundations continue learning and improving

A new megadonor to charitable organizations has emerged in the U.S., raising important questions about how philanthropy is conducted. MacKenzie Scott, former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is donating money at record levels to charitable organizations.  But beyond the amount of funding is the manner in which she is donating, quickly and with considerable […]

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More than half of Colorado’s prison population has likely been infected with coronavirus, report says

Likely more than half of the people held in Colorado prisons have been infected with the coronavirus, one of several astonishing numbers included in a report released Thursday that calls for incarcerated and detained individuals to be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine. The report comes from the Colorado Health Institute — a nonpartisan health policy […]

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On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

On Denver’s west side, an elderly man had been managing his solitude just fine until the pandemic hit, taking with it what social life he had and leaving in its place a loneliness he had not felt for years. Not far from his house, a young woman fights panic attacks after COVID-19 killed her grandfather […]

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A huge number of Coloradans already say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine. Will politics make it worse?

A coronavirus vaccine could end this agonizing pandemic. But two new polls out last week revealed startling numbers on how many Coloradans actually want to receive one. The first, from the Colorado Health Foundation, found nearly one-third of Coloradans surveyed said they would likely not step up to get vaccinated for coronavirus when a vaccine […]

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Coronavirus has caused significant mental health strain in Colorado — for some more than others

More than half of Coloradans have suffered from increased mental health strain during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey from the Colorado Health Foundation that finds deep differences in how people in the state have experienced the pandemic and surrounding social strife based on race, income and political affiliation. There are moments of […]

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As society changes, Colorado investors want to make more impact with their money

Back in 2014, the Colorado Health Foundation made an unusual decision. The philanthropic organization, known for helping nonprofits, put its money into a for-profit startup, myStrength, a behavioral health app. It was neither a grant nor a donation. And it wasn’t quite venture capital, where multimillion-dollar investments often aim for tenfold returns. Technically, it was […]

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Oil and gas and private donors paid for initiatives in Hickenlooper’s administration, investigation finds

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper accepted millions of dollars from corporations and nonprofits to fund initiatives and positions in his office — an arrangement that came with limited oversight and public disclosure despite the potential conflicts of interest. The most significant corporate donations came from the oil and gas industry, where Anadarko Petroleum and Noble […]