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Opinion: Pioneers in philanthropy, Colorado foundations continue learning and improving

A new megadonor to charitable organizations has emerged in the U.S., raising important questions about how philanthropy is conducted. MacKenzie Scott, former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is donating money at record levels to charitable organizations.  But beyond the amount of funding is the manner in which she is donating, quickly and with considerable […]

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Opinion: Colorado can lead the way to restore civility and detoxify national politics

In our current political environment of stark division, the legacy of Abraham Lincoln’s transcendent leadership when our nation was “split asunder” shines as brightly as ever.   So many Americans of diverse and often conflicting political beliefs embrace Lincoln as their role model. I was reminded of this point just last week when one of […]

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Opinion: National Democrats have thrown a roadblock in the path of Colorado candidates

The Democratic presidential campaign has taken a sharp turn as more than half of the candidates find themselves excluded from the next debate on Sept. 12, including Colorado’s senior U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.  From Lincoln-Douglas to JFK-Nixon and beyond, presidential debates have been the oxygen that fuels primary and general election campaigns. With more than […]

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Opinion: Frustrated about the state of our politics? Here’s how to move from angst to action.

The end of a presidential campaign feels like a combination of summer camp coming to a close and finishing a marathon race.  Like summer camp, you say goodbye to people with whom you’ve shared an intensive experience and developed, remarkably quickly, very close and deep friendships.  As with a marathon, you find yourself coming to […]