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Colorado Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap

Colorado Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap
Colorado Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap

Colorado’s governor encourages people to switch to electric vehicles. So why isn’t he driven around in one?

Gov. Jared Polis has asked the Department of Public Safety to transport him in an EV. The agency has rebuffed that request.

Politics and Government

First-in-the-U.S. rules that give oil and gas industry leeway in slashing emissions OK’d in Colorado

Not everyone is happy about the latitude the state Air Quality Control Commission gave operators, but the goal is to cut methane, “not vilify the oil and gas industry.”


A new rule to slash oil and gas emissions appeals to the industry, but Colorado activists worry it won’t work

The proposed "intensity target" rule aims to slash carbon emissions from the oil and gas industry by 60%. But the targets are based on data that doesn’t exist.


Effort to force Colorado to cut greenhouse emissions faster exposes exasperation with Polis administration

“I am highly frustrated where we are now,” Sen. Kerry Donovan, a Vail Democrat, said.


Sen. Winter, Rep. Jackson: It’s time for climate action and justice in Colorado. Our bills will help us get there.

While progress to reduce emissions has been made, voluntary commitments and incentives will not be enough to reach our climate goals and protect our Colorado way of life. We need enforceable climate action now.

Opinion Columns

Ambitious plan for cap-and-trade greenhouse gas cuts rejected by Colorado Air Quality Control Commission

Environmental Defense Fund and allies want tougher, faster cuts to climate change pollutants, but commissioners and Gov. Jared Polis says the plan is too complex and current rules should get time to work.


The road to greenhouse gas cuts: Are Colorado drivers ready?

Power plants and oil drillers are cutting back emissions, now this is the year your car gets involved.


Dollars, not politics, are driving Colorado’s accelerated embrace of solar energy

Installing solar utility generation is now cheaper than wind or natural gas-fired plants, and far cheaper than new coal generation.


Colorado governor releases final plan to reduce emissions by 90%. It’s still too vague, environmentalists say.

The Air Quality Control Commission is responsible for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from millions of vehicles and industrial and office buildings


An environmental group claims 70% of Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions come from oil and gas. But that’s in dispute.

350 Colorado’s worst-case scenario modeling suggests oil and gas should be gone from the state by 2030 to slow climate change.


Colorado is behind on targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. How far should the state push industry to get there?

Critics say the governor's roadmap is guided by "wishful thinking" rather than binding mandates to cut emissions blamed for climate change.


Three coal-burning power plants in Colorado face orders to close early. Their owners aren’t happy about it.

Tri-State, Xcel and Platte River Power had the closures slated for 2030. But Colorado air quality regulators say it must be done earlier to meet greenhouse gas targets.


Tri-State increases the amount of greenhouse gases it will cut in Colorado by adding wind and solar generation

Colorado's second largest electricity provider is now on par with other utilities for carbon dioxide reduction, but it will need to stop buying coal-fired power from elsewhere to do it


Wildfires make work to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions even more crucial, Gov. Polis says

In an address to state air-quality regulators, Polis reaffirmed ambitious climate-related goals. But some say the roadmap to reach them lacks urgency.


Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday