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Silverman: Colfax winds through Denver’s history. It should be known for more than crime.

No thoroughfare in Colorado is more famous than Colfax. As a vital part of America’s first coast-to-coast road, US Route 40, Colfax Avenue occupies 50 miles of the National Road envisioned by Gen. George Washington.  Learning about Colfax is a journey back to America’s founding. Exploring Schuyler Colfax, Jr., and his namesake avenue, provides profound […]

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Opinion: It’s time to lock in affordable housing stock before the market snaps it all up

East Colfax always was the kind of neighborhood where people could reliably find affordable housing close to downtown Denver, and it was predominantly home to families of color, one result of redlining policies that dictated where people could and could not live. Then the housing market crashed and nearly 20 percent of homes in the […]

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30 years after passage of Americans with Disabilities Act, key inequities remain in Colorado

During high school and early in college, the record of Naomi Morrow’s schools or employers doing much of anything to accommodate her impaired vision was spotty at best. Morrow, now 42, worked in a hospital laundry running the washing machines, and managers let her put colored Braille bump dots on various controls. Her parents mainstreamed […]