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SunLit Excerpt: “Like Water” traces Bruce Lee’s cultural and historical impact

Introduction In the climactic scene of Bruce Lee’s final film, the 1973 martial arts movie Enter the Dragon, Lee pursues the archvillain Han with the hope of finishing their fight in a hall of mirrors.  The two stalk each other through the maze of reflections and refractions, the screen filled with one Lee, two, a […]

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SunLit Excerpt: “Edge of the Map,” recounts the true story of climbers lost in China

CHAPTER 1  “Missing” Light mixed with dust poured through a grimy window in the police station conference room. As more officers crammed inside, standing room became scarce. God, this is too much, thought Ted Callahan. What the hell do they think they’re going to see here?  It had taken more than twenty-four hours for the […]

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SunLit Interview: Johanna Garton stepped up to complete a project begun by her mother

Johanna Garton is a proud Wisconsin girl, writer and cross country coach. Before the publication of her first book, she dabbled in nonprofit consulting, college teaching and had a brief career as a lawyer. Her life experience includes moving her family to China, being charged by an elephant and running 20-plus marathons. She and her […]

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Counterfeit opioid pills made in Mexico pushed Colorado into a third, deadly wave of the opioid crisis

Colorado has entered the third wave — the deadliest wave so far — in the opioid epidemic, as counterfeit opioid pills made to look like real oxycodone or Xanax are supplanting heroin in state drug-smuggling operations, the regional DEA office has warned. The evidence is in the overdose statistics, which skyrocketed in 2020. Overdoses due […]